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Bob Ross

Bob Ross the Painter and Entertainer

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Somebody asked me if I learnt from Bob Ross the famous American TV painter who painted wet on wet with a lot of snowcapped mountains in his scenes

I cannot say how the afro haircut might have inspired Bob Ross

Painters-with-afro I know Bob Ross painted a lot like me and I know Bob Ross was friends with William Alexander, another older American TV painter.
But the fact is I was traveling Australia and showing my wet on wet techniques for years before Bob Ross appeared on American television.
My first 6 SpeedPainting lessons were available on VHS video from 1980, well before Bob Ross.
And I had an afro haircut.


So no I did not learn anything from Bob Ross and I firmly believe Bob Ross learnt a lot from my videos.
Living in Australia one would not hear about Bob Ross but about 1990 I viewed one of Bob’s early videos and was suprised to see his painting techniques and script were almost identical to those shown my first video which I had produced in 1980 after spending months selecting clever phrases describing my techniques.
I cannot say how the afro haircut might have inspired Bob because I would have it trimmed before making any movies but many hundreds of thousands of people watched my act over the years, and many visiting Americans bought my videos.
It was a good lifestyle, I would paint all day and play pool at night. Playing pool was a great way to move into the social scene when I was in a different town each month. – I did play well.
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by Len Hend

Updated: March 3, 2015 — 1:22 pm

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  1. I have been watching your videos Paint with Len for the last 3 weeks and I have to say that your skill in giving the information and explaining how things are done has given me an understanding and more info. in that short time than in my previous 77 years,I have never been able to paint but after the videos even the family are taking a couple and doing them has given me a lot of pleasure. Jack Robinson

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