FEEDBACK – From Happy Painters

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FEEDBACK – From Happy Painters

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Here is some of the feed back from happy painters in many countries

If you would like to express your happiness with the painting lessons please do so by commenting below.

Comment from Carol – thank you Carol
Dear Len
I would like to thank you for valuable teachings. I have never had an art lesson in my life but after watching your videos and now working through your openlearning site ‘Learn To Paint with Len Hend’ I have gained so much knowledge which without your guidance I would never have been able to achieve.

Perspective was my biggest hurdle, but since working through your online course a following your videos I have a much better understanding now. When I drive around I notice so much more now than ever before, the horizon is low something I never notice before. I love looking a trees and I see how the branches crossover, this is something your teachings have shown me.

I’ve learned to put a glow n the centre of the painting to attract the eye, and arrange the painting so as everything allows the viewer to focus to the centre of the painting or the focal point and to make sure nothing directs the viewers eye out of the painting always into the painting.

I’ve learned to make the corners of the painting darker and uninteresting so as the viewers eye does not wander out of the painting. I’ve learned about tones from light in the background to dark in the foreground to give depth.

You’ve taught me perspective by putting a road, track or stream from narrow in the background to wider in the foreground same with boats smaller in the background and larger as they come towards you in the foreground.

I’ve learned about highlights on the edge of the trees and fence posts. also, to highlight areas of houses etc where the light might hit r just to attract the eye. Foliage in the trees need to have light and dark tones to give depth.

You’ve taught how to mix my colours and I’ve seen how you can produce a lovely painting using only the 3 primary colours blue, red & yellow.

To anyone who is reading this and are wishing to learn how to paint watch Len’s lessons and if you are anything like me you’ll be learning how to paint beautiful artwork in a very short time.

Thanks Len you have given me so much.

Hi Len
It was great to hear from you. I just want to say that I’m so excited about painting now.
You have given me so much confidence. I’ve been painting for a few years but I never put too much paint on my brush and didn’t know how to blend properly. A tube of white paint lasted me about two years with regular painting (to give you an idea of how much paint went on the brush and it was a tiny brush too) I just used half a tube in two days. I’ve changed my whole style of painting and now use a huge brush. I painted a picture when I got home from work last night and another one tonight. I couldn’t wait to get home. It takes me longer than five minutes though.

They took me two hours each. I’m nowhere near as good as you yet, haha. My paintings aren’t great but I’m having so much fun. I’ve got two of my friends at work on your website aswell and my Dad is painting too. I’m giving him pointers from your website as he doesn’t have a computer. Thanks again for your fantastic website and such easy to follow instructions. I’m buying a camera this weekend so I can send you pics of the paintings I’ve done since your tutorial.
Bye for now.
Julie Stewart

Hi Len,
Firstly I’d like to thank you once again for the DVD’s you’ve sent me, I have completed them all and am feeling much more confident with my painting style. I have also started doing more of my own from both photos I’ve taken and from real life. As it is the school holidays I have had time to do a lot of painting; as a family we drove out to Kanangra Walls with my easel on the roof of the car for a family picnic, so I got the whole day to paint the landscape on the edge of a cliff, so much fun. Also as I am in yr 12 some of the paintings I’ve done may be included in my major project for visual arts. I’ve attached some of the paintings I’ve done lately, I did the Stary Night because my dad had a print of it in his office and he thought it would be humorous to replace it with an original painting.
Lawrence Heggie

From: mayla sullivan Email:——— Phone: ———— Subject: Message: dear mr. lenhend, good day to you! I’m mayla sullivan from the phillipines.I really long for this moment to write you to be able to express how i really appreciate your have the most magnificent, most creative,excellent painting in our generation. You are very talented artist mr.Hend. it is my dream to be a painter or artist like you but i know its hard to be now i am sooh grateful that you are giving a free demos and tutorials or excercises – that made me busy to attend and learn on my free time since i am full time thank you very much for sharing us your talens and skills you are very generous. If one day i could paint like you do,and be able to apply your style on my landscape painting,i assure that i will never forget to look back and thank you enough.I’ll always be proud that i’m one of your millions of students.Gobless you sir,good health and more power! — This mail is sent via contact form on

Subject: Thank you Message: Thank you for your free lessons! I have practically learned more from you then all other Artists combined, I respect your painting style and presentation skills. I have placed orders for art supplies with your sponsors as a token of my gratitude. You are a professional and a Gentleman, Thank you very much, Rob

Comment: Maestro: reciba un afectusos saludo desde la mitad del mundo Quito-Ecuador. Me dirijo para agradecerle la generosidad de compartir sus valiosos conocimientos en el arte de la pintura. Sus clases me han servido a mi para retomar este arte que lo aprendí para enseñar a los pacientes farmacodependioentes como parte del programa de rehabilitación. Son tan claras las explicaciones que usted da que mas que preguntas quiero reiterarle mis agradecimientos. Atentamente: Manuel

thak you!from ROMANIA Message: Hy Len , i’m from Romania,i’m 24 and I just want to say that you are a great man and artist,you’re calming and relaxing every human that is watching you.Whenever I watch a movie with your paintings I remain surprised by the ease way you paint and the extraordinary final result .I’m rememering my father when i look at you, who unfortunately died when I was a child. I graduated Art School, but I stopped painting because in my country nobody apreciate art and you cant make money to live just by paintig!When I saw you I started painting again,and in present this is my bigest joy in my life.I can wait to come home,start my computer and watch you! I dont wanna stop painting ever,and I will follow all your steps,hoping that in one day I will become a great artist and maybe start salling my painting.Each painting will be dedicated to you and I will always think at you even if we are so so far away! maybe we’ll see each other on facebook. Thank you from my heart Len! Sorana Barb

From Theresa
Message: Hi I am new to oil painting! While searching for B R .I found your site! Wow! What a difference. And your lessons online are great. Thanks for helping the dummies who don’t have a clue, like me. Have a great day.

email from Alicia 07/12/2011
Dear Len
No too long ago I found you in the internet with your beautiful and very useful lessons .I am not an Australian of birth but I love this country which, since 1995, I call home .I was lost in my self teaching , thanks to you I know now what I want to paint .I want to paint this beautiful land . I will try from lesson 1 and as soon I learn how I will send you a photo of my work .I am 66 years old lady so every thing related to tech take me a while .English is my second language [ I am from Argentina ] and I started learning it when I came here ,so many mistakes like in my paintings .Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others and something else your English is very clear to me , so that help me as well.Have a wonderful Christmas !!!!!!!. Alicia

Reply, Thank you Alicia for your email.
If you need any help with your paintings please email an image to me and I am glad to help. You have a wonderful Xmas also !!!!!!!.
Len Hend

Dear Master Len,
I am Capt. Barrun of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, Philippines.,
I would like to thank you for posting this free painting lessons…
This mail is sent via contact form on

ed says:
you might not know it but you are touching many lives in the different corners of the world. your free lessons are helping poor young artist to take their first art lessons. God speed…

lenhend says:
Thank you Edna – there will be more lessons coming in the next few days. If there is anything you do not understand please feel free to ask and I will try to help. It makes me happy to be able to help people enjoy there paintings and I wish for everybody to share this website with friends.

Youâ’re right! Edna. I am a concrete example of this. I live in Brazil and think that transport would be more expensive than the product. Thanks Len! God bless you.

Katlyn Pinnette says:
I wish to voice my appreciation for your kindness supporting individuals who need help on this important concept. Your real dedication to passing the message up and down turned out to be incredibly effective and has continuously empowered those like me to realize their dreams. Your entire helpful hints and tips can mean a whole lot to me and further more to my office workers. Thanks a ton; from all of us.

Lorraine Bezuidenhout says:

I am from South Africa and it has been a God send that I found your sight. I have been helping children and adults to learn how to paint. An artist friend told me about this site. Your excercises willl be helping children and adults who cannot afford to pay for expensive classes. What a wonderful gift you have, and how wonderful I have the honour to pass on your knowledge

Vera Entwistle AM says:
I am very impressed with your techniques and as I am trying to return to oil painting after a number of years, I have purchased your set of dvds to hopefully restore my confidence. I look forward to receiving the dvds soon.

Mayajane says:
I came across you on the painting form this is a great video. I will check back when you have more.

Kath says:
Many thanks Len for these GREAT exercise lessons, you make doing them so easy.
You explain things so well which is really good for us just learning.
Love your art, it truly is the best.The more outback Australia paintings the better !
Thanks a million,

Jawad Ullah Babar says:
Hi Len,
very nice to see your lessons. its a great help to learn this art. i have a question. the acrylic colors i am using get dried up instantly – I see your brush flows so smoothly and fluently – but mine not – Are you using any water or something else to make the colors thinner?
thanks and have a great day.
Jawad from Pakistan.

lenhend says:
Hi Jawad – My paint dries very fast also. I sometimes need to spray a little water onto the painting, but not onto any detailed work. I find a retarding medium is helpful.
A warm breeze causes the paint to dry quickly, so I try to paint on cooler moist days.
You might like my new website

Mark Behnen says:
Hi Len many thanks for the lessons ..Im using oils could u point out some differences please..
– question do i need to let my paint dry on some lessons to proceed ? I sometimes it looks a little muddy. i clean my brush often. Also ok to use a little medium to get the brush to flow like yours.?
love your work.!
mark b.

lenhend says:
Hi Mark – sorry for the late reply – Oils are better to use but the smell makes me sick and they are messy – acrylics dry too quick and cause some problems but all in all there is not much difference when you get into it.
With oils you must have all your colors at the right viscosity. If you have thin wet paint on the canvas and try to brush thick paint over it, the thick paint on your brush will pick up the thin paint off the canvas.
It is up to you if you paint wet-on-wet or let the paint dry at stages.
Paint looks muddy if you do not wipe your brush clean each time you load it. Don’t clean your brush, just pull it through a rag while squeezing. Pick up fresh crisp paint each time; do not let the white get near your other colors on the palette
A few drops of your favorite paint thinner in the thicker paints is the way to go. I do not know about all brands of paint but I remember thinning about 80% of the colors when I used oils. Burnt Umber always seemed to be the right viscosity but that was years ago. Vandyke brown was sometimes like rubber when it came out of the tube; I would put a whole tube into a sandwich bag, add about a desert spoon of ‘kero’ or whatever, seal the bag and roll it between my hands to mix the paint. I stored my plastic bags in an airtight tin.

Zheila says:
Thousands thanks Len, you are jhelping beginners so well.

Kath says:
Hi Len, are you using a hog bristle or is this a chisel point brush please..for the leaves? Size 12?
lenhend says:
Don’t know I’ll have a look – that is a round hog bristle which has been squeezed to a chisel point. It is not a pointed bristle brush. If you stand your brush up the wrong way in the cleaning pot for a while it will go to that shape. LOL

Ian says:
Hi Len. Thanks for these beginer lessons really helpful. I have great difficulty rolling the small brush making branches, how long does it take to master control of the brushes, also I have trouble with the acrylic paint flowing it just wont spread. Thanks again

lenhend says:
Hi Ian – You may be trying to control what comes off the brush. Make sure you hold the brush with one finger and your thumb only and the colors are all the same thickness (not too runny, not too thick). try a few practice branches with your eyes shut.
I do not know why your acrylic paint will not spread, maybe it needs thinning or your canvas needs a primer.

Pixie says:
I so ADORE your vids. I have them up on FireFox always and watch them now and then. I’m not so confident to use this technique yet, but I’m sure when I keep watching I’ll pick up the brushes and start. I love this one, I love your attitude, it’s just wonderful. I’m working on being less rigid in my paintings, I need to flow more. Thank you so much for your generosity.

edna de los reyes says:
Thank you so much! your art lessons help me learn and save money. May God bless you a hundred fold. A lot of people will benefit from this.

Mary Ellen Holloway says:
Hello Len
Just a word of thanks for your painting lessons. It is amazing to be able to do a painting in 10-15 minutes! Love it.
Had a question regarding inserting silouttes (sic) ..does one use a black peice of paper with cut-outs? I am not good a painting them ‘Just askin’
Thanks again!!

lenhend says:
If you cut out silhouettes (i had to look up the spelling) from black paper or card, you can place them over your painting and move them around till you get the desired arrangement, then trace the shape onto your painting and fill it in with paint. Do not use black or it might look like a hole in your painting. Mix your dark colors to make black but there must not be any white in it. Burnt Sienna and blue make a good black.

Mary Ellen Holloway says:
Thank You so much!!
Looking forward to new exercide lessons… When I can, I want to order the DVDs..

hector rosario says:
Dear Len
We are Happy with the lessons show in this program we have not start get. We are only listening to the instruction for now. Were glad that your lesson are easy to understand, we are looking foward for some others lesson

Adolfo says:
Hi Len, trying to learn from your generosity, but.. what happened to the video in this one?

lenhend says:
Thanks Adolfo – I dont know what happened there, i must have pressed the wrong button somewhere. I think I fixed it, a matter of trial and error with me.

edna de los reyes says:
this is very informative and it makes painting look a lot easier. thank you once again

Lorraine Bezuidenhout says:
You have opened up landscape painting like no one else I have watched. I usually paint flowers and now I am totally consumed with wanting to paint landscapes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. From a almost 70 year painter from South Africa.

Kerstin says:
You are a master

Julie Bird says:
Thank you Len for sharing these videos, they are great. I recently lost the use of my speakers but could still follow your technique. I have only done three landscapes which you can see on my website. Still have a lot to learn.

Jeanette Charlebois says:
This is the bestlesson i have watched . I have enjoyed your way of teaching how to paint. thank you so much.

clara-mei says:
Hi! Len. Only now I watch your video in you tube I am delighted! Your website is perfect congratulations of brasilian person to you, and thank you.

AShenoy says:
Wonderful demo so well taught. I watched your other videos too. What brush are you using in this demo?

I use a size 12 round hog bristle brush for most foliage but in this demo I think i was using a scruffy old 1 inch common house painting brush. Almost any brush will do, it is a matter of mastering the brush you have.

AShenoy says:
Thats a nice lesson.never come across lessons so clearly demonstrated with details of color used and the brush. Enjoyed watching it and learned too.

Responses to Paint Clouds
really intresting. I regret that i missed this wonderful site all these days. I will follow
your paintings on the video. I thank you very much

Comment on your video: How to Paint Water and Reflections
By Golly! I Now know how to paint reflections! 😀 YAYAAYAYAYAAAA! Thankyou soo much!

Comment on your video: The Bushmans Hut.wmv

What you do is beyond my vocabulary to describe.Your stokes look so fluid and effortless.By the way did you use a reference for the painting?Once again,YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT and i curse whoever that 1 dislike was

Comment on your video: “how to paint” a big waterfall

Beautiful…..thanks for sharing.xxooxx

Comment on your video: Snow Capped Peaks

I love your style!

Comment on your video: PWL 15

Wahoo!! Really nice! You’re a master

Comment on your video: how to paint clouds in seconds

Thanks Len for the no nonsense and clear instructions – I’ve improved my technique by watching this short video – like your style

Comment on your video: How to Paint Katherine Gorge

This is one of my favorites! Wonderful!
I will attempt this painting tonight!
Thank you Len!
I love your work

Comment on your video: green forest painting

I LOVE that! Thanks a lot for video!

Comment on your video: Down by the Riverside.wmv

I love your work Len! I ordered the DVD’s
They are fantastic! I will never catch up to you! Having fun trying!
Thank you for sharing your art!

Comment on your video: Learn to Paint Australian Landscapes in Oils 1of6

You sound more “Ocker” in this video than the current ones, lol. Interesting to see these retro vids, glad you posted this. Cheers

Comment on your video: How to Paint Leaves on Trees

You are GREAT! and I love your Voice too,, who cares about the voice, what is important here is your passion for art and your kindness for shared it. I’ve been trying to do trees and and finally found it! great idea. sometimes we think when we do trees we have to do the leaves one by one, but this is a great way. thanks

Comment on your video: How to Paint in Vegemite and Tooth-Paste

GENIAL !!!!!! I love this guy !

Comment on your video: “how to paint” first and best wet-on-wet video.

Love your work and your personality! You are an original ! Thank you for sharing your gift and hard work!

Comment on your video: Relax and Paint

wow, this is beautiful. something like this would be wonderful for my wall =) I’ll give it a try this weekend…

Comment on your video: Premiere – Over the Mountain preview

@DeAdhope123 It is no “deb” but “dab”!!!

Comment on your video: Learn to Paint Australian Landscapes in Oils 6of6


Comment on your video: Learn to Paint Australian Landscapes in Oils 3of6

Thanks so much for your videos; they are fantastic in every way . you present the techniques so well.

Comment on your video: 13 How to paint a spooky scene

This is so amazeing! I love the sunrise with the buildings in the back! plus the affect the birds create with some being farther in the distance then others! Wooo! Awesome

Comment on your video: “how to paint” a road

I love it, and the music takes me home… Stunning painting, a joy to watch.

Comment on your video: paintwithlen2.wmv

This is so exquisite, you show no fear of the paint brush. My Firefox crashed and I lost your other website with your different paintings on there which I watch almost every day to try to deal with my painting fears. Anyway, this is just amazing and you make it look so easy. Now why am I the only one commenting here??

Comment on your video: how to paint mountains in oil or acrylic

My you are one good artist Lenny 🙂

Comment on your video: How to paint in Oils or Acrylics tutorial a Gold Mine

Aussie Bob Ross… woohoo!

Reply to your comment on: Martin Spence- A Crescent Moon

@speedpaintingdvds 🙂

Comment on your video: Learn to Paint Australian Landscapes in Oils 2of6

Remarkable, you’re a genius. I need to watch these a few times. I use acrylics although I know oil looks better but I hate the smell and cleaning the brushes. I can’t see how I can do this technique with acrylics really. But I adore these vids.

Comment on your video: “how to paint trees”

thanks so much for sharing. your videos have helped me so much.

Comment on your video: Loosen Up And Paint

Thank you for the inspiration. I am a beginner and you will help so as not to discourage as something comes out.
Greetings from Poland and words of respect for you and your painting

Comment on your video: Sunset at the Billabong.wmv

wow that is amazing 🙂

Comment on your video: how to paint Rainforest

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