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  1. Thank you for your help I have brought lesson 1 for $12.00! am new to oil paint just a bit of watercolor and pencils, am 66 and really need something to keep me going am so Happy I found you, I can follow you better than others, I have tried; for you tell me more, I Hope to buy more I see I can buy downloads for $2.00 each that would be easier for me to do \i do not know if that will be cheaper or not for I live in Canada Anyways Thank You again Your art is GREAT but I guess you know that!!!

    1. Thank you Mary.
      Being an older person myself, 74 now, I’m aware that the cost of buying the dvds one by one can be more expensive – if you buy a few and have spent more than the $70AU total price for the collection, I will send you the other dvds so that you have a full set.
      If I forget, I don’t mind being reminded.

  2. You are a true Artist Len. I enjoy watching you.

    1. Wes I don’t know what I am – possibly a sign writer – lol

  3. Dear Len
    I would like to thank you for valuable teachings. I have never had an art lesson in my life but after watching your videos and now working through your openlearning site ‘Learn To Paint with Len Hend’ I have gained so much knowledge which without your guidance I would never have been able to achieve.

    Perspective was my biggest hurdle, but since working through your online course a following your videos I have a much better understanding now. When I drive around I notice so much more now than ever before, the horizon is low something I never notice before. I love looking a trees and I see how the branches crossover, this is something your teachings have shown me.

    I’ve learned to put a glow n the centre of the painting to attract the eye, and arrange the painting so as everything allows the viewer to focus to the centre of the painting or the focal point and to make sure nothing directs the viewers eye out of the painting always into the painting.

    I’ve learned to make the corners of the painting darker and uninteresting so as the viewers eye does not wander out of the painting. I’ve learned about tones from light in the background to dark in the foreground to give depth.

    You’ve taught me perspective by putting a road, track or stream from narrow in the background to wider in the foreground same with boats smaller in the background and larger as they come towards you in the foreground.

    I’ve learned about highlights on the edge of the trees and fence posts. also, to highlight areas of houses etc where the light might hit r just to attract the eye. Foliage in the trees need to have light and dark tones to give depth.

    You’ve taught how to mix my colours and I’ve seen how you can produce a lovely painting using only the 3 primary colours blue, red & yellow.

    To anyone who is reading this and are wishing to learn how to paint watch Len’s lessons and if you are anything like me you’ll be learning how to paint beautiful artwork in a very short time.

    Thanks Len you have given me so much.

    1. Thank you Carol – your happiness is my reward.

  4. Dear Len,
    many thanks for your fabolous website! I started today and finished my first picture which doesn’t look so bad..
    Will keep on practice and thanks to your lessons and precious advices, I’m sure I will have a lot of fun.

    Best Regards

    Luca 26 Italy

  5. I just love your painting and painting styles.

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