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Free Painting Lessons Videos List

Free Painting Lessons – List of lessons – All lessons have a free video tutorial.


Free Painting Lessons with Videos – List.

Free Painting Lessons for Beginners

browse the website

..See the DVDs at the SHOP

Click the images that you wish to paint and see the free painting lessons.
You may paint in oils or acrylics on any sized or shaped canvas or board.

Step by step complete pictures to paint with these free painting lessons

Choose a picture to paint, click the image and enjoy the free online lesson.
You may wish to download the lessons to your PC. – Visit the Download Store.
The lessons are designed for beginner painters, all the information is here, no previous painting experience is required

Start-painting-in-oil-or-acrylic Paint-foliage on trees Paint a Cabin Paint a tree butt paint-green-forest violet-forest paint-blue-mountains

paint-color sky-and-grass paint-a-sunset-and-swing 11-200x200 gum-tree-painting spooky-painting paint-a-gorge blue-lake loosen-up paint-sunset jakaranda- lane sunset-bridge old-shed paint-a-river paint-rocks-and-surf paint-a-mine gums-by-creek sunrise-painting paint-with-knife eagle-painting misty-gums Painting-sun-beams-forest snow-peaks-painting Paint the river simple painting sketch with black and white paint painting a mountain scene

Painting dvds
The painting tutorials are for beginners and older children.
Often students produce excellent paintings from these short lessons and put their art up for sale.
(please note:- I have no copyright on these paintings,
you may sell your copies of my paintings as your own original paintings; Len Hend).
Many of these painting lessons are good for children.
See Craft for Kids.
If you are just starting to paint be sure to read the TIPS page.
More short lessons HOW TO Page. teaching the easy way to paint clouds, mountains,
water and reflections, leaves on trees, how to become an instant artist

by Len Hend


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  1. Amazng sir.totally inspired by u…thanks fr d tutorials..

  2. Absolutely amazing..i love to create. My goal is to grow as an artist using paint. Your techniques have inspired me so. Love your visions also. Sokn i will have the materials i need to start my own work..until then i so enjoy watching create life on every surface..thank you very very much for taking the time to share with others like myself..thank you.teal

  3. Just watched a coup,e of your videos and feel inspired. Great work and great that you have shared how to do some great paintings . thanks so much

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