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Live Streaming art lessons with Len Hend

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Information about live streaming art lessons with Len Hend to be starting soon

20th April 2016
Today I continue to set up a studio for live streaming and in a few days I will be on air at Youtube.
Which means that you will be able to watch me (Len) paint and you can talk to me while I’m painting.
If you miss the live show you can see a video of the broadcast on Youtube.
As this is a first for me I expect to find help from the audience and make sure that sound and film is okay – I will be painting and maybe painting some requests.
The Youtube channel is SPEEDPAINTINGDVDS and if you are a subscriber then you will be notified of when I am painting live.
As yet I am not 100% sure of how everything works so if you have a question or you have advice please use the comment section on this page.

CHEERS from Len
5th of June 2016 and all is well in Hang Dong Chiang Mai Thailand
Well I’m getting there, live streaming art lessons – the small cam is not useful as is so I need to put it onto the palette and fix the palette so it stays still when I move the painting around. More soon and maybe have a regular time each week for streaming, but what time of day to suit so many countries?
Click on a video to watch and change to full screen if needed.

You are welcome to use the comments section on this page to request a lesson or painting exercise be live streamed or to give any technical advice about my show

by Len Hend


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  1. i am wanting to paint a wattle tree in full blossom, can you recommend which of your dvds would be best for me to purchase?

    1. Hi Noreen – I do not have a dvd with wattle trees but with a little experimenting you could use the foliage technique as shown in this video lesson
      Remember that you need the dark with the bright colors in the foliage, not just all bright, cadmium yellow with streaks of white would be a good color for the bright sunlight on the flowers.
      I hope this helps – Thank you

  2. Hi Len

    Enjoying the live stream. Great teaching with clear instructions on a variety of of techniques, theory etc.
    I appreciate the time and effort you put into making these freely available.

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