Paint A Gum Tree Butt

I will show you how to paint a gum tree butt with a few brushstrokes.


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Paint A Gum Tree Butt

paint a gum tree butt

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With a pale background we paint a gum tree butt into the dark foreground and create a feeling of great distance between the gum tree and the horizon.

When painting this paint a gum tree butt exercise, we deliberately go about painting your distant tones in white with a small amount of added color. Then paint your foreground in full color with a small amount of white added where needed.

If you wish you may learn how to paint a gum tree butt by using the painting knife.
The dark paint at the bottom of the tree may be sculptured on with the painting knife.tree-butt
We see the pale trees in the background are not detailed, we see the big tree has much detail; this will give you a feeling of distance also. The middle ground tree is neither dark nor pale and has a degree of detail. Keep the horizon low, the sky from white to very dark.
Keep the background trees small, pale and of various heights and shapes, they should not dip down at the edge of the painting.
A straight white horizontal line below the distant trees will draw the viewer’s eye back into the painting.
This short tutorial video will show you how to paint a gum tree butt into a landscape.

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Make sure there are amounts of very dark color in your big tree foliage and trunk and also in the bottom corners where we have thick grass.
Do not try to copy my painting exactly but use it as an example of an arrangement.
If you try to copy too much or go back over your work too much you will over work your painting and it will lose its vibrancy.
Go To – How to Paint a Rain Forest – lesson 5 The colors are Burnt Umber and White. (Titanium White for oils)
You may wish to use another dark color in place of the Burnt Umber.
This exercise is one of the most successful paintings by the students of the Open Learning online painting course.

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  1. Amanda Jansen van Rensburg

    H Len my nane is Ananda ijust start painting from you lessons you are great but i stuck i did di a few small paintings and it seem to be half fine but i wsnt to do a large picture for my daugther and i psint it already four times over kan i send you a pic of hslf the thing then you can tell me were di i mess up

    1. Yes – send the pics here or go to contact page and email me – cheers

  2. Thank you for your reply on this tree I used alot more paint It is still wet Now I know why my acrilic paintings look like fotos more paint must be used. Please come and visit I do need help and alot


    1. Georgy I’ll give you brief notes.
      Horizon line too high – see
      Tree trunks are usually kinked rather than curved – big trunk looks skinny at the very bottom – middle tree too low because the horizon line too high – put more white on that line under the background trees but only in the middle of the painting – keep that white line straight – practice your fine branches so you get them right the first go.
      Very good progress – cheers

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