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All Painting Lessons are for Oils or Acrylics.

Purchase single ‘Paint Like a Pro. DVDs’ – $12 each

Purchase the original ‘SpeedPainting DVDs’ – $20 per set or both sets for $35

Purchase the advanced ‘Painting DVDs’ – $20 each

Purchase all dvd lessons in one handsome case ‘All the 12 Paint Like a Pro. DVDs’ 70 lessons – $70 the lot

The ‘$70 – Paint Like a Pro. collection’ also includes all lessons from the SpeedPainting dvds and from all the Advanced Painting dvds.
A full list with images of the 70 lessons can be seen here.


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All lessons in full
are contained in the
Paint Like a Pro.
DVD collection

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Advanced painting lessons

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All prices including postage worldwide.
No previous painting experience or knowledge of artist materials is required.
The DVDs are formatted to suit your country, PAL and NTSC.
Each of the 12 dvds contain about 2 hours of video lessons.
This Paint Like a Pro. collection is set out as a complete painting course with progressive lessons.

The first lessons explain the paints and brushes.

We then look at how to paint selected items in a landscape (clouds, mountains, water etc.).
There are lessons on tones of colors, perspective and arrangements.
The first full paintings are simple monocolor paintings and then the colored paintings.
By starting from the simple monocolor paintings you wil slowly advance and work through over 60 complete paintings to the very advanced landscapes.
The collection also contains advice and tips for you to get the most out of each lesson.
I believe this collection of painting tutorial dvds to be the most successful and best valued painting tutorials available today.
The affordable price is set so that all can now enjoy down to earth, expert and professional painting tuition. – Len Hend – Cheers
Purchase single ‘Paint Like a Pro. DVDs’ – $12 each.
Purchase the original ‘SpeedPainting DVDs’ – $20 per set or both sets for $35.
Purchase the ‘Advanced Painting DVDs‘ – $20 each.
OR – Purchase ‘All the 12 Paint Like a Pro. DVDs’ 70 lessons – $70 the lot.

The ‘$70 – Paint Like a Pro. collection’ also includes all lessons from the SpeedPainting dvds and from all the Advanced Painting dvds.

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View the labels of each of the 70 lessons.
Go to the purchase Paint Like a Pro. DVD collection page.
Go to the Speedpainting DVDs page.
Go to the Advanced DVDs page.
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by Len Hend


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  1. I’ve bought a few months ago the 70 tutorial painting videos. I’ve watched them first and started to follow each lesson step by step trying it out. Yesterday I’ve tried video 31! Photo is not that good but the painting is lovely. (my horizon is a little to high but I enjoyed painting!)So many many thanks for all you interesting lessons, technics and informations about the brushes, colors…

    Many thanks again. I’ve learned already so much and hope I will be able to realise my own European landscapes.

    1. Well done Gina – your painting looks great and thanks for the kind words.

  2. Hi Len,
    Love your way of teaching … it reminds me so much of Bob Ross – Bless him. I do a little art too – (I do need to study tones a little more though… lol) and figured I might show you one… Cheers mate…


    1. Hi Jeffro – thanks for showing – you style of painting is similar but different than mine – you have big flowers and lots of everything with bright colors in the background where I paint rolling hills with pale background and darker foreground.
      Let me know if you wish to change to my style and I’ll help you with it, but I can’t paint flowers – cheers.

      1. I do need to bring my tonal colours back a little they are a little bright lol…. I ordered your full set of dvds too… as Im interested in painting different ways. If you want to have a look at some of te work I do you can find it at on facebook…. I would love some of your input Len. Cheers mate.

    2. A little bright on the colours but overall it works as it\\\’s all the same throughout. What I really like in this one are the birds. They look great.

  3. My name is David Walls and I’m a artist, and I paint landscape and do watercolour charcoal drawing, and I enjoy doing it


    1. Hi David – I believe that you could benefit from my Paint Like a Pro collection of dvds. The lessons will take your work into the highest standard.

  4. Does these DVDs have English Subtitles for the Hearing Impaired? I don\’t like youtube\’s mangled English. I am deaf.

    1. I am sorry Alexander the videos do not have subtitles. is a free course by me and most videos have a transcript that can be printed out in English

      1. Wow, just discovered your course on open learning through this link. Currently unemployed and working on setting up an Arts and Crafts business so been trolling the internet. I had already subscribed to your YouTube channel. As soon as I am back in work and have some money coming in I’ll be purchasing your collection of DVD’s

        Thank you for your contributions to the art world.

  5. where do you send the dvds from

    1. This month I am in Thailand so the dvds are posted from Hang Dong, Chiang Mai.
      When I’m in Australia I post them from Mullumbimby NSW.

  6. Hi Len,
    Just a couple of questions, are the lessons on dvd more involved than on open learning and is there anyway I can get the full lesson without having to wait for the physical product. Thank you for everything you are doing and your time.

    1. Hi Ramari – The lessons on the dvds are the same as seen in the open learning course and you can see each full lesson either on the course website or here on this website or if not here they are available on the Youtube channel ‘speedpaintingdvds’
      The collection of 70 videos has no ads and can be enjoyed without going online and on a big screen. The collection does contain some tips before each lesson but basically the videos are the same as seen on Youtube.

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