Speed Painting Downloads Series – Tutorial Videos – $2

Speed Painting Series – Tutorial Videos Painting Downloads – $2 each

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These Speed Painting lessons are the same 12 lessons as on the Speed Painting DVDs
(note $2 AU is about $2 US)

Here the Lessons are downloaded to your computer in MP4 format

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(note $2 AU is about $2 US)
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Start painting Start painting in oil or acrylics Paint a river scene Paint a cottage in the bush Sunset at The Billabong Waterfall painting The Pearling Shed Paint a village Painting Katherine Gorge Paint moonlight Paint Byron Bay

Average running time for Speed Painting video lessons is 20 minutes.
Each of the lessons take you through a complete painting from start to finish, we use brush and painting knife.
The lessons were designed to train an artist to paint fast and fluently so as to produce attractive paintings in a very short time.
These wet-on-wet, loose painting techniques are suitable for oil or acrylics.
A person skilled in this style of painting can hold an audience spellbound for ten to twenty minutes and sell the still wet painting at the end of the performance.
Many painters learned from these lessons the first of which were filmed and released by Len Hend in 1980.
The original oil painting lessons have been re-filmed and now include tuition for acrylic painters.
The language is simple English and very easy to understand.
These lessons contain background music supplied by Daeva Skye and Elvina Munir” – Daeva Skye on Celtic Harp and Elvina Munir on Concert Flute.
If you have any problem with painting downloads – the payment or downloading of the videos please contact Len.
by Len Hend

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