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Online Shopping Simplifiedonline shopping simplified


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Here I have simplified online shopping
there should be no confusion

This applies to all PayPal shopping – it doesn’t matter what you are buying.
Online shopping payment can be confusing
You need to register only once and you remain registered for ever remember your email address and password – that’s it
You can pay online with your credit card without displaying your banking details to anybody. PayPal will transfer the money. (they are the middle-man)
PayPal fees are minimum or nill when buying.
PayPal convert your money if buying from overseas.

How to buy art lessons (or anything) online

PayPal requires you to create a PayPal account to process your credit card payment.
You do not need to open a full PayPal account.
It is simple and safe.
By remembering the password you can shop online anytime.
You can cancel your purchase at any time before you press the final payment button. (give it a go, there is nothing to fear)
Using you card in this way will not interfere with your personal banking accounts.
You pay only the price as displayed on the DVDs.
Have your card ready then fill out the required details.
Here is a step by step what to do to pay by credit card.
PaintWithLen DVDs

You can cancel out at any time.
Proceed to my ‘Shop’ page ‘Download Store’ – Press the ‘Buy Now’ button for the product or products you wish to purchase.
When finished shopping press the ‘Checkout’ or ‘Pay Now’ Icon – Make sure the items listed are what you want, if not, press the ‘red X’ to cancel that item.
You may continue or return to the shop.
To continue and pay, press the PayPal icon …. You are now on the PayPal website – We will pay by Credit card – Have your credit card ready – Click the ‘Create a PayPal account And pay with your credit or debit card – Enter the required information – Country – Card number – Payment Types (type of card? Visa – MasterCard – Discover etc.) – Expiry date – Enter the CW number, For MasterCard or Visa, it’s the last three digits in the signature area on the back of your card – Date of birth, Why? Australian law requires PayPal to record your date of birth.
Your name and address – Your email Address – A password – And the last Question is, “Are you or have you been a Politically Exposed Person or are you associated with someone who is/was?” (Are you a Prime Minister or similar ? – LOL)
And that’s it.
You will continue and enter the ‘shipping address’ for the parcel if not your own address.
I hope this online shopping simplified rave was of use to you.
It is ok to try the system out, create an account and cancel before you press the last payment button, no action will be taken with your banking card, but do remember your account name and password.

Painting dvd sales

If you have a problem with this please send me an email message.
You also can purchase DVDs by mail. (Cheque or Postal Note) To – Len Hend 1935 Coolamon Scenic drive, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482. (Please write your return postal address clearly) Or email me if you require special arrangements. Contact Len

by Len Hend

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