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These painting lessons are the modern method of learning to paint landscapes in acrylics and in oils.
Here we learn from simplified video tutorials how to use the techniques with brush and knife.
From the tips pages you are learning about arrangements, tones of colors and perspective.
To make the most out of the painting lessons it is wise to paint lots of simple little pictures before attempting your masterpiece.
Learn to master to tools and do not try to paint your masterpiece until you know how to paint.
A little practice and knowledge will improve your landscape paintings greatly.
No previous painting experience required, have a go, you will amaze yourself with these free painting lessons.
All these lessons and more are also available on dvd for learning off line.
The full collection of 70 lessons on 12, 2 hour dvds AU$70 includes postage. – SHOP –
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by Len Hend


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  1. Dear Len,
    Your painting lessons have been very enjoyable and such a lovely way to learn. I did my last painting on the open learning and was so hoping to hear from you. I am overjoyed to see you here. I keep hoping you will come back to teaching again. My painting is too large to load here.
    Thank you so much for teaching me so much, I will continue to keep learning from here.

    1. Thank you Geeta – I have so much work on my plate that I don’t know when I might come back to the Open Learning class – you should continue placing you work in the class so others can comment. Cheers

  2. Dear Len Hend Sir,
    I have learned a lot from your videos and from your Beginner’s painting course.
    Before I found you on YouTube, I had a lot of interest and liking for art, especially, painting, I wished to paint like an expert, but I did not have the right direction. Then one fine day I found you and started watching your videos, and joined the course on; you taught each and every aspect of painting so well, that it all makes sense now! Perspective, colour tones, colour mixing, brushes, everything.
    You gave the correct direction and guidance that I needed. Now I can paint landscapes with ease!
    I love the concept of speed painting developed by you.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for passing on your precious skill to artists all over the world ❤

    1. Thank you Rajeshwari – unfortunately I am unable to teach much these days but if anybody wishes to learn as you have there is endless free lessons available on this paint with len website – cheers

  3. Mr. Len,
    I found your lesson of sun rays through the forest today and am enamoured of your work. You make it look so easy and fun, something I feel my kind of art should be. Thank you for the lesson and I am going to try this over a fail I had of sun rays in the forest…Is there some other technique to paint translucent images with acrylics? I want to try an eagle ‘spirit’ with the mountains and a stream visible through the eagle. Pretty high aspirations for a beginner…when I finish the forest painting, I’ll post for your critique. Thank you so much for being on here…

    1. Hi Carolyn
      I can’t answer your question – I don’t know if there is another technique to paint translucent images with acrylics

  4. Len, I’ve enjoyed viewing your paint lessons from way back in ’85 to the present. I’ve learned a great deal about Australian landscapes as well as your artistic style and presentation. I have only been painting with acrylics for two months,and have so much to learn. Thanks for being my online professor. Many thanks my friend. Darren. United States.

    1. Thank you Darren – enjoy –

  5. Thank you very much for showing me the different ways of using the paint brushers as I am a new painting

    1. Thanks Sue – My daughter’s name is Sue –

  6. Thank you for the gift dvd i recieved with the dvds i bought ,watched it today ,i have been to art lessons but have never had anything explained like you do ,thank you so much !

  7. Over a number of years I have bought a lot of DVD`s and books. You` re the only person who tries to explain theory that makes sense. Mostly, other instructors mainly want a person to learn the colour wheel in some form, they are also trying to sell their brushes and paint. The way you explain perspective is very helpful, I have always known about vanishing points, but have never seen the way you draw diagonals to establish the position and height of intermediate posts etc.

    1. Thank you Malcolm

  8. Hello Len, I am ordering my 70 dvd lessons, I know I am going to do so well. With your teaching and guidance I will be the artist I have always wanted to be. There are so many of us that are so very greatful having you to show us how. Many thanks Ruth

    1. Thanks Ruth – will get your package in the mail as soon as the order comes in – all is well – cheers

  9. Dear Len,
    I watched my first video of you painting and I learned so many little techniques just by watching. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. My God you are so good… I lwanted to be able to painting a ittle bit like you….

  11. Hi Len,
    I began using your lessons in 2014 and the attached painting is my first attempt. I have been an artist most of my life but did portraits and never landscapes until I found your website.
    Thanks for your generosity in sharing your talents as a wonderful painter.


  12. Hi sir. I got an acrylic set for begginers last x-mas (2016) and I started to watch your videos on YouTube. I would just like to thank you for your generosity and guidance. I just signed up for your free course, and I am really excited!

    Here is my first painting. It’s a Scandinavian inspired scene (since I am from Sweden). Hope you like it!


    1. Hi Jonas and thanks for your kind comment – I do like what you have achieved here and am looking forward to helping you more in the online course – happy painting

  13. Hi, it’s Trevor again, sorry I meant to type that I have been “learning” to paint.

  14. Len, I have been teaching to paint for about 4 years. I am an Aussie now living in the US. since starting to paint I have wanted to paint Australian landscapes especially gum trees. I came across your website with its short lessons. I have attached my painting of your first color painting. Hopefully you like it and thank you for your short lessons I am learning so much. Please feel free to critique my painting.


    1. Hi Trevor – you are on the right track – your techniques are okay and will improve further with time – start thinking about using a grey, mixed from the palette, as the base color right through a painting – so everything is holding that color of that day. See my page about tones of color.

      Horizon line in almost every painting I see is too high – look outside and you will see about 80% sky – you have 50%.
      Try for a whitish glow somewhere in the middle background of all paintings – see my page on arrangements.
      Foliage in big tree does need that very dark all through it – you have some very good dark but only sum.
      Practice thin branches – my first lesson – foliage should be on other side of tree also and branches passing over that foliage (advanced but worth thinking about)
      Open the road up wide at your feet – gives the painting a welcome feeling.
      Don’t copy my example paintings, use them for reference only – if you tree or hill looks better, don’t change it to look like mine – don’t get me wrong – you are doing extremely well – cheers


  15. Hi Len, greetings from Melbourne and thanks for all your lessons. Very generous. Can you tell me what the painting is at the top of this (home) page please/. At first I thought it was the background to Chinny…but it’s not, is it? Thanks


  16. Hi Len,
    Came across your website today after reading an article in a local newspaper. I am from India. Good to see that you have presented the painting concepts in a very clear manner.
    I might start learning with you soon!



    1. Thanks Devi – when you start painting, let me know if there is anything that you cannot understand.

  17. Hello sir, its been a great pleasure for me to learn paintings from you.
    I always tried new things for painting and I really find my happiness in it.
    When I watch you while painting, I really got chance to learn new things.
    Heartly thank u sir for giving us knowledge with free of charges.
    I wish I will meet u sir once in life.

    1. Thank you Ketan – I am in Chiang Mai so yes one day we might meet.

  18. Hi Len,

    Thank you for your videos and tutorials!

    I’m from Malaysia and have been following your Youtube videos and your website.

    I would appreciate some tips on how to clean my brushes as i am facing difficulty keeping my brushes in good condiiton for the next use. They tend to be hard and the bristles clump together.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Ali
      I do advise students not to keep washing the brushes while doing a painting but sometimes you do need to wash them before they become unmanageable.
      I have no special way to clean brushes except a good wash in soapy water.

  19. Hi Len…I have started painting due to an accident and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your videos. Your paintings are beautiful and you get to the point quickly and effectively. Thanks for sharing your work and I will continue to watch.


  20. Hi Len
    Enjoying your painting tips and techniques!
    I live in Sydney and want to use the environment around me for painting subjects such as beaches/headlands, harbour scenes and city skylines.
    Have you done any live streams or dvd’s on these?
    Do you have any tips?
    I’m colour-blind (red/green, purple/blue) so any help with colours would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Gary
      I’m sorry but the nearest thing I have to harbors is the Boats in Perspective in the lessons on this site.
      All I can say about your harbor painting is have a good think about and read up on the horizon line as this is where most students find mistakes.
      With color blindness I again am lost as I don’t know what it is like to be color blind
      I would suggest that you concentrate on tones which is pale tones in the background and darker tones in the foreground. Don’t let any browns get into your background – blues in the background.
      All the best.

  21. Hi mate, long time no hear. I have been real busy but I will give you a Skype this arvo!

    1. Okay – I’ll leave Skype on.

    2. Hi Dave, I know that I am in my later years and have always wanted to learn how to paint, ie. the type of paints and specific equipment that I should buy, and more importantly to be instructed in the methods that will enable me to paint. I have always been so drawn to art and am now hopfully going to take steps to make this endeveard. Please forward a copy of the class schedule, as wellas, location, times, supplies to bring to class, I would like to thanks you.

      1. Hi Ken
        You leave me confused
        My name is Len and the only free lessons that I think that you are referring to are the lessons on this website and they are available to you at any time that you wish to use them

  22. Hi Len – first- THANKS. You are awesome man!
    I have just started to paint, I go to classes at U3A in Noosa. I am retired and I have discovered a new and big passion in my life – painting. I luv ART and wherever I go I visit museums. I never thought I would like to paint Australian bush till I saw yours; you make it look so easy and beautiful.

    Could you say what brand of acrylic you use, or it’s advertising?

    Gracias Senor.

    1. Hi Carmen – I am in Thailand for now so I use anything I can get my hands on.
      You should look for ‘Chromacryl’ for most colors and ‘Matisse’ for the Phthalo blue and the Australian sienna in acrylics – or ‘Rowney’ oils.

  23. Anne marie FOURNIER

    J’aimerais suivre vos cours mais je suis Française et ne parle pas votre langue

    Je regarde beaucoup sur YouTube et j’adore vos tableaux …Merci de votre générosité


    1. Thank you Anne marie – I am sorry – I understand but I do not speak French.
      Do join the course – language can be no problem.

  24. Truing to teach myself.not working out well.

    1. Hi Marie – if you wish to join the free online painting course then I can help you personally if you start from the beginning

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