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See here the Labels for each of the 70 Videos – Paint Like a Pro. with Len HendComplete set of dvds

You will be painting like a pro. with this amazing collection of tutorial painting videos.


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All Painting Lessons are For Oils or Acrylics
– the ‘Paint Like a Pro. with Len Hend’ series
70 tutorial painting videos on 12 – 2 hour DVDs
– total price including postage $70 ( $70 AU = about $50 US )
– posted by regular or airmail.

Get your complete collection of painting tutorials
70 videos on 12 DVDs – $70 includes postage

painting lessons on dvd

painting videos 1painting videos

This is a complete course where you learn how to paint from the very beginning and progress to the finer and more beautiful paintings.
During the course you are instructed on how to paint your owm arrangements and not just to copy other paintings.
The lessons are available at a reasonable price so that now everyone can learn to paint.


These 70 painting lessons on 12 DVDs (2 hours each) posted via regular airmail price $70 (Australian) price includes postage worldwide
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