Paint With Len – $2 Lesson Downloads

Paint With Len – $2 Video Painting Lesson Downloads

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Downloaded to your computer for $2 per video (no advertisements on these).
You can see all the lessons here online for free or download them for $2.
All payments are handled by PayPal (security assured)
All downloads are handled by Payloadz (no fear of downloading a virus)
– Why Download? –
Click on images to download the video painting lesson to your computer
DOWNLOAD FROM HERE – or visit the Download Store

Start-painting-in-oil-or-acrylic Paint-foliage on trees Paint a Cabin Paint a tree butt rainforest violet-forest paint-blue-mountains paint-color sky-and-grass paint-a-sunset-and-swing outback ranges gum-tree-painting spooky-painting paint-a-gorge blue-lake loosen-up paint-sunset jakaranda- lane sunset-bridge old-shed paint-a-river paint-rocks-and-surf paint-a-mine gums-by-creek sunrise-painting paint-with-knife eagle-painting misty-gums Painting-sun-beams-forest snow-peaks-painting Paint the river simple painting sketch with black and white paint Correct-perspective-150x150
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To purchase these $2 downloads:- Click on the chosen lesson, you will be taken to your ‘Shopping Cart’, there you may proceed to checkout or return to shopping where more downloads can be added to your cart. All downloads will be added up for one payment. You may delete from your list or opt out at any time before the final ‘pay’ button.
You will be sent an email with a link for each download, you activate the link with a click and your lessons will then be downloaded to your computer as an MP4 which is view able on computer and most video devices. The downloaded lesson is yours to watch on computer, burn to disc and share with friends. Please do not sell copies of the lessons.
For more about downloading see Why Download?
If you have any problem paying for or downloading the lessons please Contact Len
Test your computers download ability with this 9 minute video containing 3 of Len’s most popular ‘How To’ exercises. Click ‘HERE’ for free download
Please note:- There are no hidden programs or spam on any of these downloads – if you find any problem please contact Len.

See HERE the 70 lessons on flash drive

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