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About Downloading Videos

About Downloading Videos of Painting Lessons

There are benefits to downloading your painting lessons

  • Download at work and watch at home
  • Download to a flash drive – take it anywhere
  • Saves hogging the home Internet
  • You need not have stop-start reception. (slow Internet)
  • Downloaded lessons do not have advertising on them
  • You have your lessons if my website is closed (Let’s face it, I am no spring chicken!)
  • The videos can be burned to a DVD and watched on your TV
  • You can share the lessons with friends
  • Give a set of lessons as a gift
  • Hold a painting gathering – class
  • Collect the full series and keep them till you retire

Also you can – Take a copy or screen shot of the lesson’s page, print and add it to your collection.
I do not mind how you use the downloaded videos but I do wish for persons not to sell or duplicate them.
If you have any problems with the downloads please let me know and I should be able to help.
I believe the system I have chosen for the downloading is a secure system and appears to have no hidden problems for the user.
If you are unsure if your system can download, try the free download first. (try the free trial download)
If you need the link for a download that faulted or expired, just contact me and I will email you the code. Contact
Note:- Some beginner lessons are 5 minutes, some are 30 minutes, they are all $2 each.
Some long ADVANCED LESSONS have been split into $2 parts (‘Chinny and The River’ lesson is 80 minutes – has been split into 5 parts)
Many ADVANCED LESSONS are available at the DVD-Shop


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2 thoughts on “About Downloading Videos”

  1. Hi Len
    I note in the purchase of the USB that further detail is provided…
    Just wondering if there is any difference in content with either the USB or on-site downloads in this regard?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Richard.
      The downloads are exactly the same as on the flash drive that I distribute through PayPal.


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