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dvd2 download

dvd2 download


Buy Number 2 Now $5 ( about $4 US )

Paint Like a Pro. with Len Hend. Images of 2 hour download number 2.
Set of simple little paintings for you to paint over and over to train your hand.
Practicing the techniques here with clear instructions using one dark color and white will ensure you gain an understanding of tones and arrangement while building your skills of using the brush and knife before we move on to full color.
Mono color paintings are popular and do sell well.
The Paint Like a Pro. with Len Hend series of video downloads holds a progressive course of 70 painting lessons. The course is designed to take you from the beginner stage into a large number of advanced landscape paintings. You may purchase any part or collect the whole course of 12 downloads. The aim is for you to enjoy a fun and profitable pastime or career as a landscape artist. You may work in oils or acrylics. We use wet on wet, loose painting techniques.

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