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dvd3 download

dvd3 download


Buy Number 3 Now $5 ( about $4 US )

Paint Like a Pro. with Len Hend. Images of 2 hour download number 3.
The first lesson in this download is a fun painting where we use just a few colors to paint a little cottage in the moonlight.
Some blending and flat brush work is required.
The next four will move you into gaining confidence by double loading the brush and working with deliberate strokes to produce lifelike trees trunks in one stroke.
A lot can be learnt here about creating depth with tones of the same color.
The Paint Like a Pro. with Len Hend series of video downloads holds a progressive course of 70 painting lessons. The course is designed to take you from the beginner stage into a large number of advanced landscape paintings. You may purchase any part or collect the whole course of 12 downloads. The aim is for you to enjoy a fun and profitable pastime or career as a landscape artist. You may work in oils or acrylics. We use wet on wet, loose painting techniques.

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