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How To Paint In Full Color

How To Paint In Full Color

paint in full color

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A simple lesson and picture for you to paint in full color.
If you have painted a few pictures in mono color you will quickly learn how to paint in full color.

Paint with only a few colors

This exercise is suitable for oils or acrylic. – If you wish to paint in full color you must realize the tone is important and as well as selecting the correct color we must select the correct tone of that color.

paint-in-color The general rule is, pale tones in the background and dark tones in the foreground. This is a simple exercise using only the few common colors, White, Blue, Crimson, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Warm Yellow, Raw Sienna. – Keep your sky pale (white) at the bottom. – Have a lot of sky. – Keep your mountains pale.

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– Keep your mountains low on the horizon. – Do not drop your mountains down at the edge of the painting. – Leave a misty section below the mountains; let us see the brush strokes in the misty area. – Keep your grass pale in the background and dark in the foreground. – Keep your grass small in the background and big in the foreground. – Block the house in with the windows level with the horizon line.
Paint your house little then enlarge it into the correct space. Do not detail the house, keep it simple. – Do not place the tree too near the edge or too near the middle of the painting. – If your sky is not good, then paint foliage over it. – Do not paint foliage over a good sky, leave it out and paint it next time. – The tree can be without leaves – Wipe your brush clean before finishing the dark grass in the foreground.
Watch this short tutorial video and learn how to paint in full color.

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