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70 video lessons. 22 hours of great painting tutorials on DVDs.

Now available – Painting tutorials on USB flash drive – see more

Please note – Covid 19, due to a hold up with international mailing the flash drives are only available in countries serviced by the USA and Australia. Orders from the USA and Canada will be mailed to you by my agent inside the USA. The set of 70 videos on DVDs are NOT available in the USA. For further information please email me at or phone 0432316227 (Australia)

Here is a complete set of 70 videos which are coordinated. The lessons start with the plain and simple facts about how to create a successful painting.

Most of these lessons may be found online, but on these 12 dvds I have added vital information. Now you will get the best out of each painting lesson. This added information refers to common and repeated mistakes that develop into bad habits. You must correct or avoid these mistakes while progressing to the professional level.

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You will progress, and you will enjoy every minute with the Len Hend, step by step, down to earth, easy to follow, let’s start from the beginning painting tuition dvds.

Suitable for painting in oils or acrylics, wet on wet.

The painting tuition dvds start with information about paints, brushes and canvas, then we look at perspective, arrangements, tones of color and practicing the techniques.

We then start our 60+ paintings, from simple arrangements and move on to the larger and longer advanced paintings. In all lessons you will be prompted on perspective, arrangement and tones of color (depth).

The total price of the 70 lessons on 12 – 2 hour DVDs, including world wide shipping is AU$70 ( about US$50 ), the dvds are supplied in a neat carrying case.

DVDs are correctly formatted to suit your country.

Parcels are posted via regular airmail
on the day you place your order or on the following business day. Security Note All sales are processed by Secure PayPal, details are seen by PayPal only. Dvds are ready to play on your wide screen TV or the computer.
The DVDs are supplied correctly formatted for your country (NTSC or PAL)

Clich here to See what is on the 12 dvds

This is a complete course where you learn how to paint from the very beginning and progress to the finer and more advanced paintings.
During the course you are also shown how to paint your own arrangements and not just to copy other paintings.
Painting is an acquired skill, by following the clear instructions you will gain the skills quickly without spending years wondering how, or practicing bad habits.
These lessons are available at a very reasonable price.

(why such a low price? – because I want everybody to be able to paint.)

Painting Lessons on USB Flash Drive. The complete Paint Like a Pro. with Len Hend 70 videos are now available on USB flash drive.

As dvds are slowly becoming uncommon and people are inquiring about USB, the complete series of Paint Like a Pro. are now available as painting tutorials on USB flash drive. Due to the lower cost of production and postage of the painting tutorials on flash drive rather than the painting tutorials DVDs, the price of this excellent series of painting lessons has been adjusted. ( Please note that the series is still also available on DVD. )

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  1. I have these and they are an absolute treat. I love to paint along with Len. He’s a truly great teacher. It’s not that hard just need the technique. Thank you Len


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