Painting information – oils or acrylics

Useful painting information for students learning to paint landscapes in oil or acrylic.

Painting information – oils or acrylics

painting information

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Here we have painting information for you to save time and money

And very useful painting information when beginning to paint in oils or acrylics on canvas or board.

Easy to read and understand very useful painting information for beginners.

Beginners learning to paint can sometimes be confused and mistakes can be costly.
Do browse the list of pages and have a smoother learning experience, it might save you a lot of canvas.

  • About Painting With Len
    About Len Hend and his teaching
  • About How to Start Painting
    This page tells you how to go about starting to learn to Paint-With-Len in oil or acrylic – what to buy when learning to paint – canvas, brushes, paint etc.
  • About How To Be an Artist. Not an ‘Instant Artist’
    If you are genuinely interested taking up painting as an art, and you wish to paint well, then you need to think and see things like an artist – you need to learn to use the tools
  • About Painting Arrangement
    Here we have a simple formula to make all your paintings attractive to the eye – learn what makes a good arrangement

This lesson is available on DVD No.1

  • About Painting Tones and Color
    Tone is a scary word for beginners – quickly learn what it has to do with painting and why using the correct tones is a must for high quality landscape paintings
  • About Painting in Perspective
    Perspective is often the last thing a painter studies – it should be the first – this page will let you know just how easy and important it is to paint in perspective

All these links take you to pages about painting.

See the list of How-to pages

by Len Hend

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