Painting Lessons with Len Hend

Painting Lessons with Len Hend

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Learn to paint wet on wet.

Painting lessons for wet on wet in oils or acrylics.
Since 1976 I have been giving painting lessons with these simple wet on wet loose painting techniques.
My first classes were held in the St. Johns Ambulance hall in Blacktown NSW Australia.

Len Hend – Australian artist and teacher – free online landscape painting lessons

Thousands of hobby painters and many professional painters have learnt from my easy to follow, down to earth approach to putting paint on canvas.

LenHend Many, now successful professional painters learnt their painting techniques from my first 6 video lessons which were released in 1980.

You too can be a successful landscape painter.

Len Hend 1979
“Painting is easy when you know how and I will show you how” Len Hend.
Painting should not be a laborious task. It should be spontaneous, like dancing; there is no need to compete when painting for fun or when learning to paint.
Paint for the pure enjoyment of watching the colors come off the brush and seeing the endless arrangements that you can produce when using these loose painting techniques.
The more you paint the more you learn.
You will learn with every brush stroke.
Big waterfall

Soon you will see how the colors of nature can be copied and placed on a flat board to produce a three-dimensional picture.
You will enjoy this series of free lessons if you have never painted. They are designed for you to start with very simple scenes and work up to the most beautiful and refined paintings. See lesson 1.

Become familiar with colors. Look at this color chart.

Become familiar with brushes. Look at these brushes.
If you have painted, maybe for years, you will enjoy this simple approach of applying the colors in a carefree but controlled manner.

This is an easy to master consistent system of painting.

If you are a teacher of painting, there are many tips and shortcuts here for you to add to your knowledge bank.
If you are a Bob Ross type painter you will learn painting techniques that Bob Ross did not have time to teach you.
These lessons are great for everyone including children.
And they are free Free Tutorials.
This painting of the water fall is part of a 100 foot long mural which stretched around the 4 walls of The Popular Cafe, Mullumbimby NSW Australia.
The mural was painted by myself using the loose painting techniques.

First tutorial in Australia.
Len Hend first tutorial videos.

I used a 4 inch house painting brush for the foliage and a painting knife for the rocks.
The medium is acrylic house paint with some artist quality acrylic colors for the highlights

About Len Hend Born in Sydney 1943, Len was introduced to painting by his grandfather, a scenic artist for the live theaters.
After trying many jobs Len went back to painting and started teaching his speed painting skills in 1976.

In 1980 his first VHS video was filmed.

For 20 years Len lived and roamed Australia in a converted school bus affectionately named Brown Hound.
He demonstrated his painting techniques while selling his art and videos in shopping centers in every corner of the country.

Len now spends his time in Mullumbimby NSW (near Byron Bay) and in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Len has 4 sons and a daughter.

Daniel Hend Artist. Daniel Hend Artist.
You can learn more about Len and his adventures at

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See HERE the 70 lessons on flash drive


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  1. Len you are amazing, I am a beginner, watching you on UTube has given me the inspiration to try and paint, thank you for sharing your passion for painting with everybody.


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