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Free Painting Lessons with Videos – List.

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Step by step complete pictures to paint with these free painting lessons.

NOTE – recently I added the 70 Paint-Like-a-Pro.-with-Len-Hend videos to this website, they are here.

Click the images that you wish to paint and see the free painting lessons with videos.

Here are the free online lessons, designed for beginner painters, all the information is here, no previous painting experience is required.

painting-lessons-with-videos Paint-foliage on trees Paint a Cabin Paint a tree butt painting-lessons-with-videos violet-forest paint-blue-mountains paint-color painting-lessons-with-videos paint-a-sunset-and-swing 11-200x200 gum-tree-painting painting-lessons-with-videos painting-lessons-with-videos painting-lessons-with-videos loosen-up painting-lessons-with-videos jakaranda- lane painting-lessons-with-videos painting-lessons-with-videos paint-a-river painting-lessons-with-videos painting-lessons-with-videos painting-lessons-with-videos painting-lessons-with-videos paint-with-knife painting-lessons-with-videos misty-gums painting-lessons-with-videos snow-peaks-painting painting-lessons-with-videos painting-lessons-with-videos sketch with black and white paint painting-lessons-with-videosYou may paint in oils or acrylics on any sized or shaped canvas or board.
You may wish to download the lessons to your PC. – Visit the Download Store. The video downloads are high quality and do not have advertising – $2 each.

The painting tutorials are for beginners.
Often students produce excellent paintings from these short lessons and put their art up for sale.
(please note:- I have no copyright on these paintings,
you may sell your copies of my paintings as your own original paintings; Len Hend).
Please tell your friends about these free painting lessons with videos.
More short lessons HOW TO Page. teaching the easy way to paint clouds, mountains,
water and reflections, leaves on trees, how to become an instant artist

A little advice for beginner painters

– seeing you have come to this point on this page, you could be genuinely wishing to paint well. By all means start painting your favorite scene from this collection of free lessons. But, there is a lot more to it than just following the painting tutorials, you also need to learn about arrangements, perspective, tones of color, the horizon line and many bits and pieces that will make you a successful artist. All that information is here on this website. Cheers.

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9 thoughts on “Painting Lessons Videos List”

  1. Hi Len
    I hope you are well and enjoying Thailand again.
    I am still enjoying your videos, continuing to cycle through them again and again, learning a little more each time. Now 6 years since I started painting with Len

    • Thanks Rosie
      Thailand is good for me, I think I will stay here forever.
      Sometimes I’m busy but still have time to help with any difficulties you might have with your paintings.
      Email me anytime.

  2. Thank you so much for your tutorial here. I’m having so much trouble understanding how to get my buildings straight in the picture so it doesn’t look like it’s leaning. I’m trying to paint a little house in the woods and even though the one in the picture is in disrepair it’s what draws me to it. . I cannot get my little house anchored so it’s not leaning. I just found your site and you made that little shed look so sweet! I loved it! As well as you make it look so very easy. Thank you again!

    • Hi Geraldine
      I have been a bit slow approving your message – have moved back to Thailand.
      If ever you want me to have a look at your art, send me an image,, and I’ll help you. I do enjoy helping.
      Cheers and happy painting.

  3. Hi Len.
    I have just “found” you & your tutorials. – I am 80, & I only started painting last year & wanted to paint Australian scenes, & Gum trees in particular. You are the very First one I have found that is exactly what I have been looking for.

    I do like your style, & you are so easy to follow.
    I have had a go at a couple of your lessons, & now I have so many more to choose from.

    Hoping you are keeping well after your Operation.
    Cheers Shirley

    • Hi Shirley
      Thanks for your kind comment.
      I have not been here for a while – sorry.
      Hope you have a happy painting experience – I’m not far behind you at 78.
      Let me know if you need help – I hope to be here often now.

      • So nice to meet you. I certainly will be keeping in touch.

        I spent some time growing up in the Tweed. Great area.

        Take care – all the best

        Cheers. Shirl

  4. Hi I started painting when the virus hit 19 months ago . I never had a lesson and have struggled to follow tutorials . I appreciate the free tutorials but so many don’t explain things like len does . I appreciate you so much . I have learned so much from you . You have explained so many things . You are no doubt the best . I live in the south and ride the roads looking for interesting places to paint . Folks tell me what I am painting is folk art and it has been well recieved . I am selling a few paintings which is great I am retired and a widow . We live on opposite sides of the world . But thank you and god bless you


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