My Acrylic Paint Dries Too Fast

My Acrylic Paint Dries Too Fast

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If you know of any sure way of slowing the drying of acrylic artist’s paint please let me know.

You may find your acrylic paint dries before you can blend the colors.
Also, acrylic paint dries on the palette.
I have this problem often.
NEWS – a painter commented that GLYCERINE might be the answer see more here.
I use Acrylic straight out of the tube. I paint very fast but still I have trouble with the colors drying.
Gesso might make a difference – I have never used gesso – I use white acrylic house paint to undercoat boards.
My canvas is always pre-primed when I buy it.
While blending the sky or water I spray the palette and painting with a fine mist of water, this makes blending easier.
Water should not be sprayed on any part of the painting that is finished or small dots will appear and stay after the paint has dried.
Other tricks to keep the acrylic paint flowing are paint faster (Painting faster is not often feasible).
Dampen the back of your canvas.
Use a room humidifier.
Do not paint in a breeze or in a hot dry situation.
You may buy an acrylic drying retarder from an art supplies store and mix it into to your paint.
Acrylic retarder medium does work but sometimes you need to use a lot and it is not cheap to buy.
Some acrylic paints dry slower than others.
I am using Winsor and Newton lately as they are easy to get in Thailand.
There is slower drying brands available depending where you are in the world.
If my undercoat dries before I can blend a color into place, I add another coat of paint and then blend quickly.
This is an ongoing problem.
If you know of any sure way of slowing the drying speed of acrylic artist’s paint please let me know your method and I will pass it onto my students.
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