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Learn how to use this website and teach yourself to paint beautiful landscapes.

This is the official Paint With Len website.
There is no sign in or membership, also there is no comment area on some pages.
The pages contain free painting information and lessons about painting.
There is also a more comprehensive and coordinated offline series of lessons is available for sale on dvd and usb flash drivehere, however thousands of happy painters have been satisfied to learn much while browsing the painting information on this website.

Please contact me if you find fault with the site, there is no hidden spam or malware on this site.
If needed, I can be contacted here.
The videos can be switched to full screen and are all stored on my YouTube channel.
Many pages have video lessons accompanied by written information.
There is a lot of written information and a Readaloud app is useful so you can relax and listen to the information.


My suggestion is that you use this website as your own private painting course and start from the very beginning because things have been set out for you in this way.
A complete collection of ‘Paint Like a Pro with Len Hend’ tutorial dvds are also available only from this website.
Paint Like a Pro is now available on USB flash drive.
Good luck, keep well and happy painting – from Len Hend.
P.S. If you like your lessons you can help me by passing the word around and sharing links to my pages.

On this page –

A list of headings with links to the pages containing information about painting for students learning to paint landscapes in oil or acrylic.

Pages are easy to read and understand.
Painting information for beginners.

First – think about this

There are 2 things you will be doing –
Number 1 is, learning how to apply the paint. You will do this by painting lots of simple little pictures. (learn to use the tools, practicing the brush strokes, techniques)
Number 2 is, learning where to apply the colors. You will do this by seeing the lessons and going outdoors to see for yourself how the world actually looks. (learning what makes a great painting, theory, arrangements, tones of colors, perspective.).

Do browse this list of pages and enjoy a smoother learning experience furthermore it might save you a lot of canvas.

Beginners learning to paint can sometimes be confused and mistakes can be costly in time and materials.

  • About How to Start Painting
    This page tells you how to go about starting to learn to Paint-With-Len in oil or acrylic, also, what to buy when learning to paint, including canvas, brushes, paint etc.
  • About How To Be an Artist.
    If you are genuinely interested in taking up painting as an art, and you wish to paint well, then you need to think and see things like an artist, and most importantly you need to learn to use the tools.
  • Arrangement in painting
    Here we have a simple formula to make all your paintings attractive to the eye, you will learn what makes a good arrangement.
  • About Painting Tones and Color
    Tone is a scary word for beginners. Here you will quickly learn what tones of colors has to do with painting and why using the correct tones is a must for high quality landscape paintings.
  • About Painting in Perspective.
    Perspective is often the last thing a painter studies, it should be the first. This page will let you know just how easy and important it is to paint in perspective.

All the following links will take you to pages with painting informatoin.

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