Mistakes in Paintings

Paintings Mistakes that are Common

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Stop for a minute and look for the mistakes in the paintings.

You may be painting away happily but wondering why your paintings do not win at the local show.
Or you set up a market stall and your paintings do not sell.
The horizon line, arrangement, perspective and tones of colors is where to look for common painting mistakes.
Learn how to avoid these mistakes in landscape paintings.
– One other point, don’t use black.


Is the horizon Line too high in your paintings.
The horizon line is not the horizon.
Most students start by putting the horizon line too high.

Horizon line
Example of a painting with the horizon line too high.

You can learn more about the horizon line or eye level in a painting here.
Also see the lesson Boats and Reflections.
These two lessons will help you to understand the horizon line ( eye level ).


Do you have paintings mistakes in perspective.
Painters should know the basic rules about perspective drawing.
These rules are not hard to absorb if you set your mind to it.
Best to first sit with a clean sheet of paper and ruler and pencil.
Watch the video and instructions, then draw a few straight lines.
This will get your mind thinking about construction lines.
Then start looking at things and imagining construction lines.
There is not a lot to learn.
Remember, construction lines, horizon line and focal point and try to imagine them.
See – Learn to Paint in Perspective.


Painting mistakes in colors.
What is Tones of Colors?
This is possibly the most difficult part of painting in full color.
Find out exactly what tones of colors means and try working with a limited palette.
Don’t ever expect to get the tones of colors perfect in every painting.
See how we determine the colors, and the tones of those colors which should be in a landscape painting. see here.

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