Framing Paintings Tips

Framing Paintings Tips – Oil or Acrylic

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Learn about framing your paintings.

Framing paintings, most oil or acrylic paintings do not require glass or a colored mount. The string (or wire) is placed one third down the picture frame.

  • Framing paintings, most oil or acrylic paintings do not require glass when framed.
  • Most oil or acrylic paintings do not require a colored mount around the painting.
  • Painting a picture to suit a frame is easier than finding a frame to suit a picture.
  • A picture frame should be of the same style as the furniture in the room where it hangs.
  • Op-shops often have cheap frames.
  • Place the string (or wire) for hanging the picture, one third of the way down the back of the frame.
  • Stretched canvases may be hung without a frame, it looks modern.
  • A dark frame will enhance the perspective in a landscape painting.
  • Varnishing – Paintings with a final varnish are less likely to become marked and are easier to clean.
  • Varnish may be gloss or matt.
  • Gloss varnish reflects light like a mirror making it difficult to view the painting at times.
  • Matt varnish does not reflect light.
  • Varnish can be brushed on or sprayed from a pressure packed can.
  • Lay the painting face up on newspaper in a dust free area when varnishing,
  • Pressure pact spraying may need 5 coats because the spray is very fine.
  • Use only Artist Picture Varnish.
  • Use the same varnish for oil or acrylic paintings.
  • Using a nail brush with pure soap and water to clean a varnished painting.

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