Free Painting Lessons for Beginners

Free Painting Lessons for Beginners.

Free Painting Lessons for Beginners

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You can learn to paint here for FREE,
All lessons are suitable for oil painting or acrylic painting

See the list – Free Beginners Painting Lessons with Videos

You need no previous painting experience – your first painting will be a success – just follow the easy instructions and short video.
“I enjoy teaching for free”

You can paint complete pictures and learn painting techniques here for free

free-painting-lessons-with-video These free online painting lessons are suitable for beginners and artists painting in oil or acrylic.List of Free Painting Lessons
Get started with any old paint and upgrade as you learn.
Start painting with easy brush strokes and you will produce stunning little landscape pictures in one sitting. (see the first few easy lessons)
You will instantly see how to go about teaching yourself to paint landscape pictures.
Painting is not a gift, it is an acquired skill, an easy to learn skill.
Relax and enjoy the easy to follow free video demonstrations, take your pick, there are 34 full painting lessons and 9 how-to lessons plus pages of tips and tricks for painting in oil or acrylic.
You will use a wet-on-wet loose painting technique which is fast and easy to learn.
Check out any of the free lessons and see how easy it is to follow the brush strokes – soon you will be painting your own scenes.
While enjoying painting you will also be learning about canvas, brushes, paint, colors, tones, perspective, arrangement and many tricks and tips to better your skills and painting knowledge.

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You can read more about my lifestyle at lenhend.com
More paintings to look at and copy lenhend.com/images-art/
Please feel free to use the ‘Contact’ page if you wish to comment or ask a question.

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  1. I have surprised myself at how I have been able to follow with ease your instructions (on video) on how to paint. Having advanced Parkinson’s disease makes it that that much more difficult, your running commentary helps as well. There is one thing that I am finding it very hard to master painting clouds. You use a swirling technique is there any other technique that I might try.

    1. Hi Bill
      Am happy to see you enjoying these lessons – you might ignore the swirly clouds and just make sure your sky is white at the bottom and dark at the top and flat looking – I can not explain any other method for clouds except to say they often appear accidentally when quickly painting a sky.

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