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Free Painting Lessons for Beginners

Free Painting Lessons for Beginners.

Free Painting Lessons for Beginners

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All lessons are suitable for oil painting or acrylic painting

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Hi! – I’m Len Hend – Australian Landscape Artist and Art Teacher.
These free online painting lessons are suitable for beginners and artists painting in oil or acrylic.List of Free Painting Lessons
I have been an art teacher for nearly 40 years and I know how to get you started with easy brush strokes that will produce stunning paintings in one sitting.
I will show you how to go about teaching yourself to paint landscape pictures.
Relax and enjoy the easy to follow video demonstrations, there are 33 full paintings and 9 how-to lessons plus pages of tips and tricks for painting in oil or acrylic. We use a wet-on-wet loose painting technique which is easy and fun to learn.

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Each free painting lesson has a short tutorial video and text information with easy to follow instructions. Thousands of hobby painters have found Len’s teaching style to be simple and easy to understand.
Some well known TV painters have learnt much from the 6 SpeedPainting lessons which Len first released on VHS video in 1980.
You can read more about Len and his lifestyle at lenhend.com
More paintings to look at and copy lenhend.com/images-art/
Please feel free to use the ‘Contact’ page if you wish to comment or ask a question.

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  1. Len,
    I know what you mean, I don’t spend much time keeping up to date on things, I guess we are old fashioned :) I know enough to get by and do what I need, like doing a Blues radio show or Online TV broadcast when I do a painting and thats about it. I’d rather be painting than playing around on my PC.

  2. Hi len,
    I love art and have been drawing sence i can remember and at one stage tried painting while still in primary school, i’m in yr 11 and have recently decided it would be time to try again, your lessons have help me so much to understand and become more confident with my work, thank you so much for sharing your techniques, your artowk is amazing.

  3. Hi Len,
    I have been experimenting as an amateur for the past 3 years with watercolour being passionate about landscapes. It is time to start with acrylics and hence I have started your lessons. They are fabulous and well structured. I did the first 2 lessons using canvas but struggled to push the paint around the canvass. I tried watercolour paper with a nicer result. Is watercolour paper OK to paint acrylics on?
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Stephen
      Yes and good luck to you.
      I can not remember using acrylics on watercolor paper myself but if it is working for you then that is great.
      With canvas I have few problems if the canvas is coated (primed) before I buy it.

      1. Speaking of canvas, I’m having major problems with using canvas paper: Canson acid free Canva-Paper as well as Fredrix Canvas Pad. They are extremely “dry” and soak up too much moisture, I’ve spritzed water to no avail. Even after I give it an acrylic coat of paint or gesso it is still too dry to work with. As soon as I criss-cross the paint brush the next color won’t mix or blend. I double side tape (mount) the paper to a larger flat board on the easel and that works well however I may have to give up the cheaper way to practice my beginning skills. Maybe I’ll try adding FolkArt Floating Medium or Americana Glazing Medium to all my paint on the palette? Canvas board such as Artist’s Loft are more expensive but not as expensive as board mounted canvas. It seems to work better and not dry instantly. There is also a world of difference in painting larger sizes because of additional paint and larger brush sizes. Thank you for your guidance and in being such an inspiration.

    2. Kelly,
      I have tested the Canva-Paper and I will not use it. I think it’s about the worst thing I ever painted on. I have used Carson Watercolor paper, but it’s only when I’m playing around and I don’t want to waste a canvas. You should you or anyone should use a canvas when ever you can. But with acrylic paints you can paint on a lot of surfaces and it will stay. You could use the watercolor paper for the acrylic paint, but when you frame it make sure you use a mat as well, if you have glass over it.

      Anyway Len,
      This is my first post and I was just watching your videos on YouTube and think they are great. I’m going to try your way of doing landscapes :) Also I tried the friend request on Facebook, but there was no button for it on your page. So I clicked Follow :)

      1. Hi Kelly – thanks for your input. As I always use canvas there is not much I can say about watercolour papers.
        With the Facebook thing – I think you can only follow a page but you can friend a person on their personal Facebook.
        I do what I can to keep up with these trends but all in all it is a bit confusing and I’d rather be working on my land.

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