Free Painting Lessons for Beginners

Free Painting Lessons for Beginners.

Free Painting Lessons for Beginners

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Hi! – I’m Len Hend – Australian Landscape Artist and Art Teacher.
These free online painting lessons are suitable for beginners and artists painting in oil or acrylic.List of Free Painting Lessons I have been an art teacher for nearly 40 years and I know how to get you started with easy brush strokes that will produce stunning paintings in one sitting. I will show you how to go about teaching yourself to paint landscape pictures. Relax and enjoy the easy to follow video demonstrations, there are 33 full paintings and 9 how-to lessons plus pages of tips and tricks for painting in oil or acrylic. We use a wet-on-wet loose painting technique which is easy and fun to learn.

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Each free painting lesson has a short tutorial video and text information with easy to follow instructions. Thousands of hobby painters have found Len’s teaching style to be simple and easy to understand.
Some well known TV painters have learnt much from the 6 SpeedPainting lessons which Len first released on VHS video in 1980.
You can read more about Len and his lifestyle at lenhend.com
More paintings to look at and copy lenhend.com/images-art/
Please feel free to use the ‘Contact’ page if you wish to comment or ask a question.

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  1. Hi Len,

    I would like to start out with this technique in oils. But to make things easier I was wondering if you know of a brand of oilpaint that is creamy enough so it can be used straight out of the tube for this technique so I don’t have to thin it down.

    Hope you can help me out,


    1. Hi John
      Sorry but I cannot give you a simple answer as to which brand of oil paint is creamy enough to use straight out of the tube.
      With most brands of paint some colors are creamy if the paint is new, different countries have different brands and the weather can make a difference.
      Burnt umber is often ready to use straight out of the tube.
      You might use this useful method of thinning paint http://paintwithlen.com/how-to/magic-white/
      Kerosene is a cheap and easy oil paint thinner for what we do.

  2. Len you are an absolute living treasure!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You have made painting so accessible to me. It has always been such an uphill struggle trying to paint Australian landscapes. I have always tried too hard. Your approach to the way you paint is the absolute answer to Bob Ross’ style and attitude. You have grace, are calm, and within what seems to be a matter of minutes you achieve serious master pieces in my eyes. I can’t thank you enough, and I hope that you and your family are doing great. I know that all of your paintings will be giving such life and love to anyone who has them in their household. Thank you again.

  3. Len, my deepest thanks for your sharing your knowledge. We had collected acrylic paints over time for the kids’ projects and I just wanted to use them. I paint quite a lot now and my daughter, 8, loves to follow the lessons too. It has meant more to us than I could ever explain in words. You’ve given a gift that is so accessable and so welcoming to the curious. Here’s to you Len!

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