Free Painting Lessons for Beginners

Free Painting Lessons for Beginners.

Free Painting Lessons for Beginners

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Learn to paint here for FREE All lessons are suitable for oil painting or acrylic painting

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Hi! – I’m Len Hend – Australian Landscape Artist and Art Teacher.
These free online painting lessons are suitable for beginners and artists painting in oil or acrylic.List of Free Painting Lessons I have been an art teacher for nearly 40 years and I know how to get you started with easy brush strokes that will produce stunning paintings in one sitting. I will show you how to go about teaching yourself to paint landscape pictures. Relax and enjoy the easy to follow video demonstrations, there are 33 full paintings and 9 how-to lessons plus pages of tips and tricks for painting in oil or acrylic. We use a wet-on-wet loose painting technique which is easy and fun to learn.

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Each free painting lesson has a short tutorial video and text information with easy to follow instructions. Thousands of hobby painters have found Len’s teaching style to be simple and easy to understand.
Some well known TV painters have learnt much from the 6 SpeedPainting lessons which Len first released on VHS video in 1980.
You can read more about Len and his lifestyle at lenhend.com
More paintings to look at and copy lenhend.com/images-art/
Please feel free to use the ‘Contact’ page if you wish to comment or ask a question.

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  1. Hi Len, I stumbled over your site this morning and think it is fantastic. I have just taken up acrylic painting and really enjoying it. Your lessons are easy to watch and you are not acting crazy like a lot of the other ones do.
    It’s great to be able to pick up tips from professionals when you are just staring out and learning about the materials too. Also is there any way of getting feedback from you of our own works?

      1. Hi Sharon
        I’m having a problem with emails so I’ll post my message to you here.
        Hi Sharon
        Sorry – bit slow getting back to you.
        From the pic I can see you will be able to paint well by following my
        You are aware of the pale on the horizon – good
        But most of all you have put the paint on and not gone back over it as
        most beginners do – your colors are woven but are not blended completely
        and that is where many painters make a muddy mess – yours is vibrant.
        Eventually you will need to keep your waves or water perfectly
        Please keep painting in your confident manner – with brush and knife –
        pay close attention to the techniques I teach but do enjoy your own
        style and try not to think you need to go back and fix up mistakes as it
        is better to paint another picture.
        You will learn by your mistakes.
        Hope this is a help for you – you can keep in touch as I try to answer
        all my emails.
        Len Hend

  2. Hello M. Hend,
    God bless you, good soul ! Your talent is incredible,how easy it seems to paint. Wonderful work, congrats ! Love to watch your videos, I just came to discover them. Thanks for sharing them for free, it shows a lot about your kindness.
    Keep up the great work!
    Greetings from Romania!
    PS: now I feel more motivated to feed my hidden artist spirit by starting painting as well; how much I would wish to have in live such a master to teach me painting!

  3. Hi Len,
    Painting in acrylics this week has been very demanding due to the heat. The paint wont flow and t is so hard to do reflections. Have you any suggestions to improve the flow of acrylic paint in this heat.
    Kind Regards

  4. Hi Len,
    I have been viewing your videos in youtube related to paintings of landscape. I think you are wonderful painter and have lot of charisma. You are humble and very creative. I was never into painting but after seeing your videos I have started up pretty well. I will like to congratulate you on inspiring amateurs like me. I wish you good luck. Thank you very much.
    With Regards,
    Mithilesh Gupta

  5. hola soy yesica es un gusto poder ver sus videos es un maravilloso don el que Dios le ha dado gracias por compartirlo y que Dios lo bendiga

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