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Contact Len Hend
Len Hend at Mullumbimby NSW Australia or Chiang Mai.


Email me anytime at the address above.
Dvds are always with me and packaged ready for posting.
I live at Mullumbimby NSW Australia and I live at Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
When at Mullumbimby I have a lot to do with the upkeep of my small acreage but when at Hang Dong I am free to paint and work with teaching painting.
So if you are near, email me and call in to say hi! – cheers.
The phone number for Thailand is

0966172529 (from overseas 66 966172529 ).

(I’ll change this contact number when I’m in Australia)

Skype len.hend (don’t forget the dot)

If you wish to show me your painting via Skype then give it a try.

Len on Facebook.

Hang Dong
Gum trees

Accommodation and private painting lessons now available in Chiang Mai

Contact Len for further information.
by Len Hend


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  1. Len -Thank you so much for everything you do to inspire me to paint and be happy again. I’ve finally found peace and happiness thanks to you. God bless

    Vanessa Janks


    1. Thank you Vanessa

  2. Hi Len,,, Greetings from the UK.

    Just Love the ` couldnt care less–just slap it on ` style,,,, and Love the pronunciation of ` Bluuuue ` heheheh.

    I havent picked up a paint brush for 40 odd years,,, apart from glossing a door frame or two,,,lol,,, even then, I get bored just taking the lid off the Tin. but …. after seeing a few of your video`s , ive just ordered myself a few items to start me off, I`m going to have a bash,,,so to speak. lol.

    Youre an inspiration.

    By the way,,, Your Shirt ( in the pic above ) Looks a bit like your Palette. !!! lol

    Will be tuning in more often,,,, Keep up the great work.

    Regards,,,, John in Yorkshire,,, UK.

    1. Hi John – that’s my happy water festival shirt in Thailand – have fun – cheers

      1. Thanks Len,,,, Just bought your `paint like a pro DVD no 1`,,,, as a starter,,,, and knowing me,,, it will be the first of many I assume,,, a bit of retail therapy so to speak… anyway,,, someones got to pay for those Shirts eh ?? .

        Regards ,,, John

        1. Hi John, your dvd is on it’s way.
          If you start collecting them and you realize the full collection set was better, I can discount the set according to the dvds you have – cheers and happy painting.

          1. Thanks Len,,,Yes,,, I think I`ll add the other 11 DVD`s,,,, I should have ordered the full set to begin with, instead of diving in as I tend to do,,,,hehehehe. sooooo,,, I know youve already posted DVD 1 ,,,, can you let me know how to now order DVD`s 2 to 12 ??

            cheers,, John

          2. Say – AU$60 – you paid $12 for No.1 and I paid $2 for postage.
            If you pay to I’ll know what it is and print the posting label from your last order – cheers.

          3. okay Len,,,, Cheers,,,, 60AU$ sent today via paypal.

            thanks again,,,,,, John

          4. Good – thanks John.
            Here is the note that goes with them.
            Hi from Len Hend DVDs
            Hi John
            Your DVDs were posted via regular airmail today from Chiang Mai, Thailand.
            Delivery times can vary greatly but the best times are 10 days to Australia and 20 days to the USA.
            There is no tracking number as the cost is excessive. It is very rare for a package to go astray but longer delivery times do sometimes happen.
            Thank you for purchasing my Paint Like a Pro. series of painting lessons
            There are 70 videos on 12 DVDs. The total playing time for each DVD is about 2 hours.
            All the DVDs are produced and edited, reproduced and printed on my personal home computers so do not be surprised if you find my fingerprints or minor errors on a disc but please do contact me if you find significant faults with a disc or if you have any problems with the discs which stop you from enjoying the lessons.
            The DVDs are formatted to suit your country, PAL and NTSC.
            Happy painting
            Len Hend

          5. Hi again Len,,, Many thanks for your help. The first dvd arrived yesterday,,,thanks,,,,,and thanks for the free gift.

            With the risk of pure embarrassment,, I thought I`d share with you my second attempt at doing a ` Painting` …….. when youve stopped laughing,,, appreciate your thoughts…… heheheheh.

            yes,,,yes,,, I know,,,,,, take up Hand gliding instead ??? lol.

            anyway,,, practice , practice, practice,,,, dab dab dab !!



    2. Hi John – I don’t know why but I can’t find a ‘reply’ button on your painting. _ no problem.
      All practice is okay at this stage and you will improve.
      I think you are using Acrylics – best to use the paint straight out of the tube and don’t wet the brushes, wipe them and wash them when the work is finished – use lots of paint, like cream, not like a wash.
      Your picture is cut through the center with the horizon line (eye level), best to have the horizon line 1/3 up.
      I’m sure you will improve if you get into the dvd lessons but do start with the easy paintings and let your hand acquire the skills before attempting your masterpiece.
      There is only about 10 techniques and when you know them you can assemble painting after painting while experimenting with tones of colors and perspective etc.
      Your painting is ok – in a short time you will be amazing yourself – cheers

      1. Thanks Len,,,,yes the reply was missing from your previous 2 posts too,,,so I just used an earlier post to reply.,,,it worked.

        I knocked the above disaster up before your DVD arrived,,, was just practising a couple of bushes and the foreground twigs ( which actually look more like dead Reindeer that have fallen in the water.. ) lol….. anyway,,,,,,,,,,so now,,, yes I will have a go at`Lesson 1 Monochrome` painting this afternoon.

        thx Len….

        Regards ,,,John

  3. Hi Len
    Thank you. I am really amazed at your wonderful style of painting and even moreso that you have made so many lessons completely free on both your websites and your YouTube channels. That is exceptionally kind and that sort of kindness is a true rarity these days and I pray that God blesses you mightily for it, you are a true gem and I am glad that you are who you are and do what you do. Please don’t ever change Len, you have it right, thank you.
    I am thinking about buying your paint like a pro series and was wondering whether you are still able to sell copies of your very first two hour video. I saw you talking about it on one of these sites today and unfortunately can’t find it again but you mentioned that people claim you just copied bob ross and you stood up for yourself by saying, nope, other way around. Good on you mate! Is that original material still around and available for sale alongside the new Pro series as I would love to be able to get my hands on a copy of both as it would be a lovely complementary study of your original techniques and and changes that you’ve made to your style over the years. I’m sure that I could learn from both.
    Anyhow, thanks again Len, a joy to find a painter of your caliber that is willing to share his gift, thank you.
    Yours sincerely, take care,

    1. Thank you Phil
      Included in the 70 Paint Like a Pro. with Len Hend videos is the 6 original oil painting lessons that you have mentioned.
      The very first 6 lessons were filmed in 1980 at Upper Main Arm, NSW, these were filmed in late 1984 and exactly the same original lessons.
      They were filmed at Latrobe University, Melbourne.

      1. Excellent, thank you Len. I shall duck over and order now then. I first started painting following a course by Ken Harris, another great Aussie painter in my humble opinion, and then a bit by the young American painter Kevin Hill. I enjoyed the lessons by both of these very talented artists but still felt there was something missing especially in my trees. Asking Kevin for advice as he mainly paints fir trees in his backgrounds, he directed me your way and it feels like I have come to the right place finally. After going through some of your free videos I am feeling much more confident in the direction and think ok, let’s start at the beginning and with no disrespect to the other two artists whatsoever, I think that you can fill in the more fundamental aspects that I still seem to be missing. Any way, I enjoy your style of teaching and the accomplishments that you have achieved so thank you, I’ll follow along and see where I end up, if half as good as you then I’ll be completely satisfied. Take care Len and thanks for the future advice that you are bound to give me. Take care and God bless you mate, all my best,

  4. Envio uma tela que fiz baseado em uma de suas aulas.
    Sending a screen that made based on one of his classes.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sabadini
      I see your Facebook page – very good – if I may comment on some that I saw – foliage must have dark as well as light – trees should never be shaped to fit into square corner of canvas – tree trunks and branches are usually kinked rather than curved and twigs grow from the kinks.
      Thank you for showing me your work – you have painted some very professional pieces – good luck

      1. Ola Len
        Agradeço sua atenção e vou seguir seus conselhos. Obrigado mais uma vez e parabéns pelo seu trabalho e na divulgação de seus vídeos que com certeza ajudam a muitos no mundo inteiro.
        Que nosso Deus esteja sempre iluminando seus caminhos.
        Um grande e fraternal abraço
        Saudações do Brasil
        hello Len
        Thank you for your attention and I will follow his advice. Thanks again and congratulations on your job and dissemination of your videos that certainly help many worldwide.
        That our God is always illuminating his ways.
        A large and fraternal embrace
        Greetings from Brazil
        Best regards


  5. Ola. Boa noite
    Tudo bem.
    Estou aprendendo muita coisa com seus vídeos que consegui baixar do you tube.
    Gostaria de adquirir suas aulas, mas não tenho condições financeiras.
    Ja fiz alguns trabalhos que podem ser vistos na minha pagina no facebook.
    Segue link da minha pagina.
    Obrigado por você existir.
    Um grande abraço
    Sabadini – Juarez

    Hello .. Good evening
    It\’s all right.
    I\’m learning a lot with your videos I could download you tube.
    I would like to get your classes, but I\’m not afford.
    I have done some work that can be seen on my page on facebook.
    Here\’s a link to my page.
    Thank you for existing.
    A big hug
    Sabadini – Juarez

  6. Hi Len,
    Thank you so much for your tutorials. I am new to painting and they have been a hugh help, you are a great teacher!
    I am sending you my first painting and would love an honest critique so I can get better.
    Thank you once again, I really appreciate what you do!
    Cheers Amanda x


    1. Hi Amanda – you are doing well – I altered the image to give you inspiration, your painting is very good.
      Here are some ideas – try for a white glow coming from the center – don’t worry about blending the sky so much, brushstrokes can look good – keep the middle of paintings open without too much vacant space at the sides
      Roads look welcoming if they are wide at your feet – the fence is a feature and can be prominent – always have dark corners and bright center in paintings
      Thanks Amanda and thanks for showing


  7. Greetings Len
    Thanks a lot for your hard work teaching. You make us dreaming and your videos did help a lot to improve.
    I would like to buy your DvDs and know if you also ship to France.
    All the best,

    1. Thanks Richard – Shipping to France is no problem – price of shipping included in dvd prices – the videos and all in English – I’m available by email if you need me – contact Len

  8. Greetings Len
    I am coming to Chiang Mai for a few months to learn Thai Yoga Massage and at the same time I would like to bring out my inner artist by exploring arts in its various forms. do you have any classes during that time?

    1. Marife – I do not have any organized art classes in Chiang Mai as yet and part of the problem is the strict Thai laws about working in the kingdom and the visa regulations but there is no reason why you cannot enjoy some time in my studio practicing your painting skills and I have a modern separate bungalow next door which is a great rest area for my vistiors. So do look me up when you are here and come visit and do some painting – all materials are here – cheers

  9. Hello M. Hend, I live in France and I love your paints. I look at your videos on Youtube everyday and I try your lessons. I would like to know if you could make a video to show how paint the picture attached (sky, rainbow, water and tree). Please excuse my english which is “basic”. Kind regards. Anne


    1. Hi Anne – I have been trying to paint a raibow like yours but as yet have not found a way to paint rainbows – thank you – I will keep thinking about this and one day will paint your rainbow – cheers

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