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Contact Len Hend

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You may contact Len via Email or Facebook or Phone.
Or send a message via the comment box below.
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Email address for Len Hend

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Contact Len Hend
Len Hend at Mullumbimby NSW Australia or Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Email me anytime at the address above.

I live at Mullumbimby NSW Australia and I live at Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
When at Mullumbimby I have a lot to do with the upkeep of my small acreage.
Dvds are always with me and packaged ready for posting.
When at Hang Dong I am free to paint and work with teaching painting.
So if you are near, contact me and call in to say hi! – cheers.
The phone number for Thailand is

0966172529 (from overseas 66 966172529 ).

(I’ll change this contact number when ever I’m in Australia)

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