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You may contact Len via Email or Facebook or Phone.
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Contact Len Hend
Len Hend at Mullumbimby NSW Australia or Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Email me anytime at the address above.

I live at Mullumbimby NSW Australia and I live at Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
When at Mullumbimby I have a lot to do with the upkeep of my small acreage.
Dvds are always with me and packaged ready for posting.
When at Hang Dong I am free to paint and work with teaching painting.
So if you are near, contact me and call in to say hi! – cheers.
The phone number for Thailand is

0966172529 (from overseas 66 966172529 ).

(I’ll change this contact number when ever I’m in Australia)

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  1. Hi Len,
    I forgot to let you know before I closed my Facebook account. But anyway I am no longer on Facebook, I had enough of that site after watching the hearings with Zuckerberg testifying before Congress and the Senate over here. I’m looking for a new site I can join but I am also thinking about setting up a forum on my site for artists and my friends that are into voice overs and everything radio. One of my other hobbies voice overs, DJ, writer etc.. Anyway hope to keep in touch even if I need to use this message board.

    1. Hi Bill – yes I understand
      I don’t mind light discussion here but am not always available for monitoring.

  2. Richard Ian Martin

    HI Len
    My name is Richard Martin and I love family research and have a large private collection which includes Samuel Hend and Sophia Jane originally from the Mudgee, Gulgong, Hill End, Spicer’s Creek and Wellington where some of the children were registered.Samuel died in 1889 in Spicer’s Creek and then Sophia was still in Spicer’s Creek in 1893 but moved to Bodangora where she was recorded in 1913 and finally in 1931 in Gunnedah where she is buried.
    I have a record of a marriage of Leonard Hend in 1963 in Sydney which may put you in with Laurence William Married 1965 and possibly Colin William married 1957 and all three are missing links that I have to talk to living family to fill in the gaps.
    Would you be kind enough to indicate if this is your family or not and if I am on the right track with your connection and I will will then include it in the tree of Samuel Hend and Sophia Jane .
    Sophia Jane had three prior relationships to Samual Hend and my wife is descended from one of them and the private database is now over 90000 linked persons.

    1. Hi Richard
      I am a relative and too am interested in my family history.
      I will contact you via email and let you have the relevant information that I have gathered.

  3. Hi from Len Hend.
    31st March 2018.
    After spending 14 months building a new home and studio in Thailand and 2 solid months maintaining my small acreage in Australia, I am finally getting back to this website and painting landscapes.
    I will make more videos during 2018.
    Please be assured that your comments are welcome here and will be attended to at my first instance.
    You may notice some changes in my website – this is the only page where comments are accepted – I found that I was not able to keep an eye on too many comment pages.
    The 12 DVDs collections are available.
    Sending the packages through the Thailand Postal Service is absolutely reliable.

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