Paint Rain Forest Scene

Phthalo green is a great color to paint a rainforest scene – try it.


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Paint Rain Forest Scene in Oils or Acrylics

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No previous painting experience required to paint rainforest scene. Just relax and enjoy the painting.

Paint Rain Forest Scene a deep green forest in monochrome – Phthalo green

Follow this short art lesson video and paint rainforest scene of lush green trees, ferns and hanging vines
Paint this rainforest scene in oil or acrylic. The color in this painting is Phthalo Green. You may use another color instead of Phthalo Green

Most common colors you may wish to try – Prussian Blue (or any blue) Violet, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Prussian Green (or a similar green).
The size or shape of your canvas does not matter. So let us learn how to paint a rain forest. Ensure your brush is clean before painting the background. If your brush is a little dirty, clean it then saturate it in the green paint and then clean it again.
(that way if it is still dirty well it is dirty in the right color) Try for some pure white areas in the background. Use deliberate and bold brush strokes. Do not try to hide your brush strokes.

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Keep the green away from your white spots in the background we need them.
Clean your brush well before picking up the dark foreground color.
Do not keep brushing over your tree trunks, leave them rough.
Try to lean the trees into the picture.
Have the light on the inside of the tree trunks.
Arrange your foliage so it forms a frame around the painting.
Do not arrange your foliage too neat, have it rugged.
Use the foliage to cover any mistakes in the branches.
Use the foliage to stop the eye traveling off the picture.
Keep your bottom corners very dark.

Go To – How to Paint Trees in Violet – lesson 6
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by Len Hend
Notes :- A few things I have noticed the students doing, trying to copy my painting exactly, this is not the best way to learn. Try your own arrangements. Also some students are spending too long blending the background and as a result the white in the center becomes green. The background is not important, just put it in and leave it.
Don’t have curvy tree trunks. Tree trunks are kinked rather than curved.


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  1. Here is my rain forest for your input please


    1. Hi Georgy
      You did well
      It is better to have the middle of the painting more open and the edges darker so your trees should be closer to the edge and more white needed in the middle background
      This is to attract the eye into the painting
      Your foreground trees and the bottom corners of the painting could have more dark paint which would make the background look further away
      Best not to have tree trunks too curvy but more kinked than curved
      So – open up the middle with more light in the middle and dark in the foreground and around the edges
      Not so curvy trunks
      Thanks Georgy

  2. Hi Len your paintings are fabulous,I’m from South Africa and was wondering if your dvd’s are sold here if not how can I get to buy them
    Greeting Liz

    1. Hi Elizabsth – I am sorry but I have problems sending dvds to South Africa as you possibly realize and I have no other outlet but the online downloads.
      If you have someone visiting you from overseas then maybe they could help with delivery. Thank you

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