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About Artist Brushes for Wet-on-wet Landscape Painting

About Artist Brushes for Wet-on-wet Landscape Painting

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Some painting students have asked about brushes.
Brushes for loose, wet-on-wet techniques of painting landscapes in oil or acrylic
Which brushes for oil or acrylic painting? Where to buy? art brushes.

Use the same brushes for oil or acrylic

And should you use expensive brushes?

I realize my lessons are enjoyed all round the world and some painters cannot afford expensive artist brushes. Len Hend's brushes
My thoughts on brushes come from my experience as a landscape painter where my full intentions were to earn a reasonable living by supplying paintings to the general public at a fair price which I did for 30 years.

Most of those thousands of paintings are still hanging in homes all over the world. I had no intention of entering art competitions or satisfying the art snobs. (Who sometimes thought my palette was a painting)
You will find you can use the same brushes for oil and acrylic but am aware that some nylon bristles or plastic brush handles will dissolve when cleaned in turpentine.
Different people have different habits with their brushes; I am so messy and lazy when it comes to cleaning brushes that for me to buy expensive brushes would soon find me financially embarrassed.
So if you are an organized person you may wish to invest in expensive brushes, but it is not a priority, inexpensive brushes can be just as useful. The only expensive brush I like is a flat nylon brush with a distinctive angle of the bristles which I use when painting figures, the point of the bristles is the important area to keep your eye on when trying to paint an arm or leg with one brush stroke. It is the skill of applying paint that matters not the price of the brush. Artist brushes may be sold in newsagents, general stores, hardware stores, bargain discount stores and department stores but you need an art supplies store for the full selection of proper artist’s brushes. I often go to a hardware store and spend about $4 or $6 on a 2 inch wide ‘bristle’ house painting brush (Much less when I am in Thailand) This investment makes me want to paint a landscape. The brushes can be broken up into groups:- hog bristle, nylon or soft hair. Then the size and shape:- round, flat, large, small and then there is the ‘fan brush’.

(For me to quote the sizes printed on the brushes is not of use here as different countries and different brands of brush have different size standards) Here is my selection of brushes for painting in oil or acrylic. I imagine you are painting a picture of about 14 x 11 inches or more (350 x 175 mm). If you are painting
Smaller paintings you might need to choose smaller brushes.
Much more specific information with images is shown here – Full list of Brushes
This is interesting – Check out Google Images Brushes

by Len Hend

Updated: September 12, 2015 — 12:48 pm

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