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You can become an instant artist in two ways.

Become an Instant Artist – Food for Thought

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Here is a couple of ways to play with art.
I call it ‘Instant Artist’

Learning to paint is a slow process for most of us.
While learning you can experiment and some times make money with art.
To be a successful visual artist is to produce paintings that sell or creates attention.
It does not matter how you create the work, but you should not use other artist’s material and claim it as your own. Instant-Artist-150x120-150x120
An easy way to create original work is to simply throw or splash paint on a lot of art boards till you see something interesting.
Put the interesting one aside and continue splashing and attacking your other works.
You can even dress up to get in the mood.
The trick now is to select clever names for your art pieces e.g. ‘Tiger at Night’, and when you open your exhibition people will say “You is so talented, you produced that ‘Tiger At Night’ painting in a few splashes and a few brushstrokes and I can see the tiger there, brilliant!”.
Little do they know the name came after the painting.
I have seen this work.

Watercolor trick

Another way for a non-skilled painter to create artwork is to select attractive photographs e.g. a favorite holiday spot, flowers, birds or a cottage or street.
The next step is to change the image to a ‘pencil drawing’ or a ‘crayon drawing’ with your computer or camera and print several copies in black and white onto plain A4 paper.
With 2 ink pens or felt tip pens, one thin and one thicker but not too thick, about 1mm is about right, outline the background of your drawing with the thin pen and the foreground with the thicker pen, also white out any unwanted lines with a typing corrector.
The reason we have a few copies is you need to try a few examples to see which works for you.
When you have an attractive drawing, that is your original and you can disregard the not so good drawings.
Scan your original back into your computer, crop it or make any adjustments but do keep a copy of your original.
When you have the drawing sitting nicely in the middle of a page and looking balanced, print copies onto water color paper and color each copy with water color paint.

Painting dvds

You will need to buy a sheet of ‘not too thick’ water color paper and cut it into A4 size.
This like everything else in this exercise will need you to experiment a little.
When you color your drawings, do not try too hard but leave a loose water color treatment over the drawing.
Each of your drawing will now be different as your water color treatment will be different on each paper.
Each paper now holds an original piece of art.
These can be sold as loose pages or in a folder with similar drawings or framed with a mount as original art ornaments.
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by Len Hend

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