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Paint Ghost Gums

How to Paint Ghost Gums

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This paint ghost gums scene is a very attractive but simple.
We use two palettes, a cool palette for the background and a warm palette for the foreground.
The destinct color differences gives us high contrast between background and foreground which is very eye catching.

Paint this Ghost Gums scene in oil or acrylic

Any medium can be used, oil, acrylic, water color, pencil, crayon.

paint ghost gums
Do try to keep your background pale and do not let the foreground colors mingle with the cool background.

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Likewise it is important to keep the foreground colors crisp, dark and fresh looking so do not over brush your work, keep it simple.The background colors are ultramarine blue, crimson, raw sienna and white. The crimson and raw sienna are not used until we are painting the middle ground.
The foreground colors are Prussian blue, warm red (any fire engine red), warm yellow (more orange than lemon), burnt sienna and any bits of color left over from the background are handy for tints in the bark of the trees but only little bits, disregard any muddy colors. Take your time, paint wet on wet or let your paint dry at any stage, it is all a good learning experience.
Do not keep brushing over your tree trunks, leave them rough.
Try to lean the trees into the picture.
Have the light on the inside of the tree trunks.
Arrange your foliage so it forms a frame around the painting.
Do not arrange your foliage too neat, have it rugged.
Use the foliage to cover any mistakes in the branches.
Use the foliage to stop the eye traveling off the picture.
Keep your bottom corners very dark.



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