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Paint Gum trees and River

Paint a Gums and River Scene

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Paint gum trees and river in oils or acrylics.

Relax and paint gum trees with this 17 minute tutorial video

Take your time, I will show you how to paint gum trees and river in oil or acrylic, it is simple. I paint this scene in about 18 minutes.

Some students like to use pastels or colored pencils rather than paint, that is a good idea if you like drawing rather than getting the paints out.
paint gum trees and river

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There is no reason you should try to paint fast, better still if you paint each item slowly, over a period of days if you wish and each time you load the brush you should look at the paint on the tip of the brush to see if it is exactly what is needed, try it out on a spare piece of canvas.
Do try and keep your colors separated, do not work with a dirty brush or knife. You can paint this picture in oil or acrylic. If you are painting in oil I suggest you thin all your colors to the same creamy consistancy before starting.
This painting is about 24×17 inches, you may wish to paint it bigger or smaller.

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