Paint Rocks and Ocean

Paint Rocks and Ocean

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Paint rocks and ocean in oil or acrylic.

Here we paint rocks and ocean using both brush and painting knife.
Any medium can be used, oil, acrylic, water color, pencil, crayon.
Take your time – do not start the first row of rocks too high on your painting.
Remember that the distant rocks are duller.
Do clean your knife every time before picking up paint.
The background rocks must be more pale than the foreground rocks.

The background rocks need very little white paint in the mixture of colors, or you might pick up a little white from the sky if you are painting wet on wet.
The foreground rocks should be vibrant color, this will give you perspective with the contrast between the near and far rocks. When placing the sunlight on the rocks, try to keep it on the ‘face’ side of the rocks only and let the darker parts remain very dark. Use deliberate and bold brush strokes.
Do not try to hide your brush strokes.

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