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Paint in Black and White

How to Paint in Black and White

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If you draw in black and white then why not paint in black and white.
When we paint in black and white it is like sketching with paint.

Here I use white acrylic paint and black printer ink

You may wish to use black acrylic paint.
Like most landscape paintings we need to have a pale background. This is achieved by ensuring your brush is clean before picking up the white paint and then brushing in the lower sky area

paint in black and white – make this white area a bit large as the mountains and any background trees will cover much of it.

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Watch this short tutorial video and see how to paint in black and white. While painting this picture I realized how well the thin runny black came off the little brush so well and produced thin branches with little effort – this is something to remember for future paintings.
This scene can be painted in oils or acrylics and can be painted in the natural colors.

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