Paint Blue Mountains

Paint Blue Mountains

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In this Paint Blue Mountains monochrome painting exercise we use different tones of the same color.

A tutorial to paint blue mountains in this simple scene, easy and fun.
It is important to keep the different tones in there respective order.
The darker toned mountain must be placed in front of the paler toned mountain.
Learning how to paint mountains is a good way to learn tones as in nature mountains are usually tones of blue.
Keep some very white tones in the lower sky area as this will attract the viewers eye.
paint blue mountains
To give depth to the painting keep your mountains pale.
Keep your foreground dark.
Wipe your brush or knife clean often otherwise you will lose the crispy look.
Do not try to hide your brushstrokes.
This scene may be painted in any deep color and white.
No need to copy the example exactly, otherwise you will not be painting freely.
View this tutorial video lesson showing how to paint mountains in blue.

When painting this picture you may wish to think about the common mistakes being made by students.

  • The white in the distant sky should be pure white and blending the sky is not important, the white is important.
  • Don’t make the mountains all the same shape.
  • Don’t allow the mountain sides to become vertical.
  • Keep the mountains pale so that the closet and darkest mountain is still pale compared to the foreground.
  • Let the foreground trees stretch up through the top of the painting so that the foliage can hang down into the top of the painting.
  • Have plenty of pure dark blue in the tree trunks, foliage, rocks, branches and corners of the painting.
  • And remember, you are better to paint another picture than to spend time trying to fix mistakes.

This painting also looks excellent in oils or acrylics using the two colors, black and white.

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