Paint a River Lesson

Paint a River Lesson

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Also in this paint a river lesson you learn how to paint water and reflections.

The colors suggested for painting this landscape are white, ultramarine blue, crimson, raw sienna, Indian yellow, warm yellow, viridian green, burnt sienna.
You may use similar colors.
The painting in the demonstration is approximately 14×10 inches (350x250mm)
paint a river
Some tips to paint a river.
1 Bring your sky down past half way.
2 Keep the mountains pale with pleasant curves.

3 Clean the brush often when adding the dark as we do not want too much white getting into our dark background for the trees
4 Have plenty of white in the distant water.
5 Use strong colors in the foreground, again be careful to not let white get into your dark.
6 When loading the brush, look closely at the paint to see if it is on the tip of the brush correctly.
7 When painting foliage, look closely at the angle of your brush to the canvas so as to ensure the colors are where you need them and will touch the canvas correctly so as to leave the desired brush stroke.
8 Take your time and enjoy.
9 Be careful with the viridian green, it is a very strong pigment and will turn everything dark green if you use too much, it is a tint and not a color that is often used alone.

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