Paint a Bush Shack

How to Paint a Bush Shack

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You can paint a bush shack.


Paint it in oils or acrylics by following the step by step lesson.
In this simple painting exercise we find we do not need to paint every little detail.
The vague background leaves the viewer satisfied with wondering what might be back there under those pale hills – (possibly nothing).
Try to keep your darkest darks in the foreground, making sure your paint does not get muddy for we need the contrast between the light background and dark foreground.

Create distance in your paintings.
paint a bush shackThe background is almost white.
Here we learn how to paint a bush shack in a few brush strokes.
Keep the hills low and pale, space the shack, tree and fence posts well apart; this will give us a feeling of the Outback Australia.
Do not be tempted to detail the foreground – leave your brushstrokes bold.

Whenever you paint a bush shack
The shack should be at a height where the middle of the windows is about level with the far distant ground. (horizon line = eye level).
Do not detail the shack or paint it very square as most old shacks are almost falling over.

Once you learn how to paint a bush shack you can add it to your own arrangements but always have it facing into the picture.
We like the rustic look.
Try to work through this exercise with definite brush strokes and do not keep going back over your work.
The foliage in the tree should be full color, so wipe your brush clean and do not let any white get into the dark paint.
The colors are Burnt Umber and White.
You may choose a different dark color.
If you are working in oils, use Titanium White and thin your paints a little so they will flow off the brush. (I use a few drops of turpentine)
Watch this short video tutorial and learn how to paint a bush shack in an outback Australian scene.
You may wish to paint the scene several times moving the tree and house around to make different arrangements.
Always face the house into the picture and lean the tree into the picture.
Don’t bring the hut or tree in too far, keep the bigger space in the middle to attract the eye into the middle.

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