How to Paint With Knife

How to Paint With Knife

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The artists painting knife is steel with a wooden handle.

Try this lesson with the painting knife.
The stem of the knife is cranked so you can place the steel blade on the canvas without the handle touching the canvas.
Any medium can be used, oil, acrylic, water color, pencil, crayon.
painting knife We paint this picture using the painting knife. Like all tools it takes a little time to acquire the skills to use the knife with ease.

You will become accustomed to the feel of your painting knife and will find changing knifes is not easy so choose one good flexible knife of medium size and look after it well. NOTE You do not need more than one knife.
KNIVES – Google images.
Wipe your painting knife clean every time before picking up fresh paint
(colors are ultramarine blue, white and crimson)
In this painting we paint a pale background and a dark foreground.
The color red – or crimson – comes into the painting in the foreground only.
Care should be taken to see that your knife is free from red paint when painting the background.
Not a lot can go wrong with the background of this painting as we are able to simply scrape the paint off and replace that area.

Make it up as you go.

Do not try to copy my painting but follow the tutorial video and make up your own arrangement.
It is important to keep the center area of the background bright and any thing that may be leaning should lean in to the picture.
With the foreground we need to be a bit more decisive about where things go.
You can place your trees where you wish but do try for a balanced and attractive arrangement.
The foreground objects should be defined with more precise knife strokes and do try to place the paint on to the canvas in as few knife strokes as possible here in the foreground.
Wipe your painting knife clean every time before picking up fresh paint

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