Paint Foliage In Oil Or Acrylic

You need to learn the best way to paint foliage and here you can start learning the simple technique.


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Paint Foliage In Oil Or Acrylic.

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Paint foliage is easy to follow – step by step painting tuition

Enjoy and learn the skills of painting
Take your time – load the brush correctly each time you pick up the paint.
This simple painting lesson shows how to paint foliage in acrylic and how to paint foliage in oil, we use the same double loading the brush and the dab dab brush stroke for all mediums.

How to paint leaves on trees

Paint FoliageIn this monochrome painting we learn to paint foliage.
We learn a simple dab dab brush stroke with two colors on the brush at the one time.
The light and dark foliage forms umbrella shapes on our trees. (The light foliage is in the sunlight, the dark foliage is in the shadow of the light foliage).
Don’t worry that your foliage doesn’t look perfect, just learn the brushstroke and then we start refining your skills in colored paintings.
Follow the short video tutorial and see how easy it is to paint lifelike foliage.

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Remember; keep your foliage very dark on your foremost tree.

This painting is about 10×12 inches; you may use any size board or canvas.
Take your time and try for the dark tones in the foreground and the pale tones in the background.
I paint this scene in Acrylic art paint, you may use oils. The color is Burnt Umber and White, you may use any dark color and White. Practice your foliage brushstroke before adding foliage to your trees.
If you are using oil paints, thin the paint slightly so it will flow off the brush.
Wipe your brush before picking up paint, wipe it by squeezing and pulling it through a rag, this will make the brush form a chisel point with which you can pick up dark on one side and white on the other.

Make sure you load the very tip of the brush. By learning how to paint foliage you will to be able to use the same brush strokes for painting all your foliage in all your paintings, small foliage with small brush strokes (dabs) and big foliage with big brush strokes. We paint little bushes with this same dab dab brush stroke.
Painting dvds
See the advanced lesson – How to Paint Good Foliage
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by Len Hend


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  1. Just found this site..and would like to try..I have collected some art supplies, but want to have a short list of brushes to start with..have gathered both acrylics and oil paints..ready to ask which basic brushes should I start with?
    Thank you

    Jan R

    1. Jan R – you will find a short list and all about brushes on these 2 pages – cheers

  2. Hi Len!
    I am a beginner and i reallyREALLY appreciate the work you do for all of us!
    When i tried to paint your lesson 1 and 2 i got problems with the drying of the paint (acrylic). When i was painting the sky i dind’t get that nice blending as yours.
    I don’t understand, why doesn’t your paint get dry so fast as mine. Do you use any water or You simply dip your brush in much paint or you use any other materials? Another question is what type of brush did you use in lesson 2 for the tree trunk?

    Thank you, Len!

    1. I use a lot of paint and I paint quickly on not so big a canvas.
      Your paint will dry fast if you don’t use enough, work in hot dry breeze.
      For tree trunks I use about a 1/2 inch flat hog bristle brush.

  3. Thank you Len I am not a begginner but just start your tutorial for something new and could not believe what happened.


    1. Hi Georgy – you did very well with everything – wow

      1. i am going to do all your lessons and will show you . I have done now 1and 2. My problem is the mixing of colours ie the amount of colours to use example green blue and yellow how much blue and how much yellow This is a simple example but a lot of students have this problem Thank you

        1. Hi Georgy – All brands of paint are different so there is no set measure of how much of each color to mix.
          Never add yellow to blue, always add a very tiny bit of blue to yellow and keep adding tiny bits if needed. The ratio is something like 100 yellow to 1 blue.
          Don’t mix the colors completely, let there be variations of greens.

          1. Len

            I couldn’t get sound to work. What size and style brush were you using

          2. For tree foliage I use a size 12 round hog bristle brush – not the pointy one( different makers have different size limits – the biggest size is best )
            I now find a 3/4 inch house painting brush is better. House painting brush from the builders hardware store.

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