Paint Foliage In Oil Or Acrylic

Paint Foliage In Oil Or Acrylic.

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Paint foliage is easy to follow – step by step painting tuition.

You need to see the best way to paint foliage and here you can start learning the simple technique.
Enjoy and learn the skills of painting.
Take your time ensuring to load the brush correctly each time you pick up the paint.
Paint FoliageThis simple painting lesson shows how to paint foliage in acrylic and how to paint foliage in oil, we use the same double loading the brush and the dab dab brush stroke for all mediums.

How to paint leaves on trees
In this monochrome painting we learn to paint foliage.
We learn a simple dab dab brush stroke with two colors on the brush at the one time.
The light and dark foliage forms umbrella shapes on our trees. (The light foliage is in the sunlight, the dark foliage is in the shadow of the light foliage).
Don’t worry that your foliage doesn’t look perfect, just learn the brush stroke and then we start refining your skills in colored paintings.
Follow the short video tutorial and see how easy it is to paint lifelike foliage.
Remember; keep your foliage very dark on your foremost tree.

This painting is about 10×12 inches; you may use any size board or canvas.
Take your time and try for the dark tones in the foreground and the pale tones in the background.

I paint this scene in Acrylic art paint, you may use oils. The color is Burnt Umber and White, you may use any dark color and White. Practice your foliage brush stroke before adding foliage to your trees.
If you are using oil paints, thin the paint slightly so it will flow off the brush.
Wipe your brush before picking up paint, wipe it by squeezing and pulling it through a rag, this will make the brush form a chisel point with which you can pick up dark on one side and white on the other.
Make sure you load the very tip of the brush. By learning how to paint foliage you will to be able to use the same brush strokes for painting all your foliage in all your paintings, small foliage with small brush strokes (dabs) and big foliage with big brush strokes. We paint little bushes with this same dab dab brush stroke.

Please note

The big round hog bristle brush is not sold in all countries, a 3/4 inch common house painting brush is ok, if not better, for painting foliage.

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