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How to Paint A Ghostly Scene – lesson 13

How to Paint A Ghostly Scene – 13

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You may paint a brilliant sky in many sizes or shapes or colors.

This is a painting with mood – spooky

For the thirteenth exercise we learn how to paint a ghostly scene or a spooky scene.

The three main colors are Phthalo Blue, Crimson and Raw Sienna. If you are working in oils, use Titanium White.
spooky-scene We add a little Warm red during the final brush strokes. Keep your horizon low so your building can reach well up into the sky. The lower sky should be very bright. Arrange the painting so as each object will carry the viewer’s eye into the picture.
Block the objects in with definite brush strokes. Keep the background pale.
Use bigger, darker brush strokes in the foreground. Do not detail the edges of the painting, any detail should be in the middle with loose brush strokes around the outside of the painting, this again will keep the viewer focused into the middle of the painting. You may wish to take your time and sketch your design before adding paint.

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The picture can be any size or shape. Or try making up your own arrangement but do keep the bold deliberate brush strokes. Follow the video painting lesson for how to paint a ghostly scene.

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