Paint a Sunrise in Acrylic or Oils

How to Paint a Sunrise in Acrylic or Oils.

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Paint a Sunrise

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Painting lesson of sunrise and ocean

Any medium can be used, oil, acrylic, water color, pencil, crayon.
When learning how to paint a sunrise it is important to keep cleaning your big brush, Do not clean your brush in fluid unless you really need to but pull the brush through a rag while squeezing the rag onto the bristles.

paint a sunrise Get into the habit of cleaning your brush with a rag every time before you pick up paint.

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When painting the sky there are a few things to remember, we are making it up as we go therefore we do not have preconceived ideas about exactly how the sunrise will look, just put the paint on and let the sunrise evolve. The important thing is to have a brilliant area in the lower middle of the sky and darker corners.
You may wish to paint many little sunrises to get your hand free and the paint flowing without worrying about making mistakes.

You can often paint your sky then make up an arrangement by blocking in the area where your sky does not look so good, then detail the blocked in areas with rocks or foliage.

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  1. I love the way you paint! It suits my style of painting down to the ground.I paint in acrylics.

    I need your advice please. I have a commission to paint a house portrait. It is quite a complicated,detailed style of house .I do not think I am skillful enough to paint it wet on wet.

    If I paint the sunrise and many background trees, it is set in a slash pine forest, all in wet on wet and then let it dry. Paint the house. Then complete the front wet on wet , palmettos are everywhere, would it appear odd to have wet on wet mixed with the detailed house ?

    Thank you for a marvelous website. I found you today and ams o happy that I did.

    1. Houses and not easy to paint and they can look ok in a landscape – I would not detail the foliage too much or you will have trouble detailing the house to match.
      Maybe set the house well back – add a fence or something well in front of the house which you can paint big and detailed – sunrise is good to have shadpwed areas without too much detail – if canvas size is not important, paint on bigger canvas and add what is needed around the house to make it look balanced and then crop the canvas – good luck.

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