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How-To-Paint Techniques

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Paint CloudsPaint Mountains   Paint Leaves on Trees   Paint Water and Reflections   Paint in Perspective   Prepare your Canvas   Prepare your Brushes   Prepare your Paint   Become an Instant Artist

Techniques for painting in oil or acrylic and how-to prepare for painting

Click on the thumbnails to view the free lessons showing the tricks and techniques that we use when painting landscapes. The short videos show the easy way to paint clouds, mountains, water and reflections, leaves on trees and a few ideas on how to become an artist. We use the wet on wet, loose painting techniques.
Videos – Clouds, Mountains and Water may be Downloaded FREE

Easy to Follow – Step by Step Tuition. Click an Item to view the full free short lesson.
paint-clouds paint-mountains paint-leaves paint-reflections perspective-painting glue-canvas about-art-brushes magic-white instant=art
If you are starting to paint be sure to read the TIPS page with information about learning to paint and general knowledge about painting in oil or acrylic. See Also – Tips and TricksMore TipsFramingBe an ArtistArrangementTonesPaint Dries Fast
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